Wednesday, March 14, 2012

According to a Lying Liar, Walker NOT a Target. Another Lie or Is He Breaking the Law Again?

Wisconsin has a very very curious situation, soon-to-be facing a recall Governor Scott Walker and his spinmeisters have performed an amazing feat of contortion: During last Friday's "news dump", the weekend of a massive anti-Walker rally on Madison's Capitol Square, Walker announced he set up a legal defense fund to pay for expenses related to an ongoing John Doe investigation, taking advantage of provisions in Wisconsin law that allows such a move for officeholders if they're charged or under investigation for election or campaign violations.

According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the creation of a legal defense fund by a state official is only permissible when a candidate is “being investigated for or charged with a violation of campaign finance laws or prohibited election practices” (Click HERE for downloadable/printable pdf from GAB).

Yet yesterday (Tuesday, March 13, 2012) Walker proclaimed to the press, which largely reported his statements uncritically and without any real look at its inherent contradictions, that he was not a target, at least "not that I know of",  Interesting qualifier there, scotty.  It wouldn't be the first time he literally admits to being "stupid".

But letting Walker off the hook for being dumb here is being overly-generous.  He and his campaign have a history of flat-out lying going back to when he was actually kicked out of Marquette University more than a decade ago.  And folks, that is quite a feat - a private second-tier Catholic College isn't looking to turn down any tuition dollars - besides, they have a law school that many would presume is full of eager young students looking to master the art of deception.  Getting expelled from a private Catholic college?  Now that's a feat.

But his track record as a lying liar is clear and he can no longer escape it.  The millions spent blanketing Wisconsin airwaves to brag about job creation not withstanding, Walker's record on job growth is the worst in the nation.  His ads are dishonest.  Alternet reports that "The level of deception and dishonesty Walker has exhibited in the battle over his union-busting "budget repair" bill sinks to astounding new lows" and identifies his 20 biggest lies.

Politifact, while largely generous to Walker, has a long and growing list of "FALSE" statements from Walker.  You can easily find more yourself about Walker's inability to be truthful - such at THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, or this downloadable/printable .pdf file.

And the media wants us to believe Walker is not a target based on his word without looking at a blatant pattern of deceiving - shabby journalism at-best.  And he tells us no one told him directly - he heard it from a someone who heard it from someone.  Oh, and he didn't bother to ask who was the source!

It is curious because that Walker's defense fund appears to be set up to pay his high-powered Chicago lawyers, yet Walker's comments yesterday state it was "campaign lawyers" that told him he was not a target.  Given what has to be huge investments in his new legal team which specializes in criminal defense, why would Walker state it was his "campaign" lawyers that assure him he is not a target.

Why would the media let him get away with this and report it as delivered from our Liar in Chief unchallenged?  Surely he can do better than this?

So is scotty lying to us again?

There is another possibility, fully-consistent with Walker's abuse of office, disregard for the truth, and lawlessness:  Perhaps he is just breaking the law by setting up the criminal defense fund.  After all, anyone that would set up a secret email system which was used by close associates to break electioneering laws is probably open to violating other laws too. 

This writer's opinion is that Walker has exactly followed Wisconsin law in setting up his legal defense fund and is blatantly lying about it because he knows the media will continue to present his lies without the necessary background information that much of the public needs in order to assess the credibility Walker's statements.

We will know soon enough - expensive Chicago criminal defense lawyers were brought in for a reason and they are not being paid the "big bucks' to sit on their fannies.

But the larger point here is that we get dishonest and criminal politicians when our media does not accurately report news and withholds information to provide meaningful contexts for what is represented in print, TEE-VEE, and radio as "objectionable facts".

Shame on them!

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