Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recall Debate: Walker Doubles Down on Eagle Scout Lie

Scott Walker proclaims, "Who, me a Lying Liar?  I'm a SCOUT!"  a statement that should set bull-excretion meters blazing.

Propaganda does work, but it doesn't have to if the public is ready to have a robust dialog about political talking points and, more importantly, the media that selectively carries the talking points of SOME politicians/political factions and repeat them ad nauseam creating an echo-chamber of manufactured consensus that is based on the political preference of media gatekeepers and politicians/political factions that stated the lies in the first place.

Wisconsin needs to have this dialog.  Scott Walker's tiresome "Eagle Scout" claims could be a great place to start.

From VOICES "You Can't Make This Crap Up" department, there are actually media hacks professionals that spew the lie that no Eagle Scout has ever been convicted of a felony or serious crime!  And where would such a ridiculous notion come from?  The propaganda shills professional journalists and editors in America's newsrooms.

HERE'S a link to a WaPo story from 2006 who's headline proclaims without any evidence at all:  Loudoun Judge Gives Spammer 9-Year Prison Term:  Case is 1st Such U.S. Felony Conviction (emphasis added).  WaPo is willing to concede only 1 serious crime has ever been committed by an Eagle Scout, still a ridiculous claim.  Walker's lies would not matter without the media.  The point is this - the media is telling us lies about Eagle Scouts and they are doing so to suit someone's purpose, in this case, uncritically and endlessly repeating Walker's nonsense

There have been very prominent Eagle Scouts that have committed atrocious crimes and the media fully knows this - Arthur Gary Bishop, a serial killer; Mark William Hoffman, a forger and murderer: and Charles Whitman, the Texas tower sniper, are three national news stories that come to mind.  The media, including WaPo, fully-knows about these criminals, but still choose to spew propaganda that this is still somehow the ultimate proof of integrity across men.

This is propaganda, misinformation that is disseminated via mass media for a purpose - in this case, allowing folks like Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief, Scott Walker, to hide behind a Boys Scout badge.  His claims are fully-irrational, but highly emotional to those that hold the belief and attitude that the Boy Scouts beyond approach.  This is how propaganda works - its all based on emotions, though some skewed rational is often present so that people can justify their emotional responses.

In the earlier days of the Boy Scouts of America (before 1970), a Scout who commited a crime or had "tarnished the good name of the Boy Scouts" could have his rank removed and returned to the BSA by the Scouts' Scoutmaster.  This was in the Boy Scout Handbooks of that day and time (but evidently not when Walker was a scout).

Is there some type of accurate comprehensive database of Eagle Scouts and  is it somehow linked or cross checked with crime statistics?  Is it scientifically or statistically justifiable to claim that Eagle Scouts, compensated for other socio-economic and other factors, less likely to commit crimes?  OF COURSE NOT!

And in case you are wondering, Eagle Scouts can be shown to participate in criminal behavior (links HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE - scan down column, several "occupations" are listed as CRIMINAL!).  I could go on and on.  If you google EAGLE SCOUTS CONVICTED  and you will see 329,000 hits (as of 5/26/2012) documentation that hundreds or even thousands of Eagle Scouts have committed and been convicted of serious crimes.

So what does Scott Walker do when he gets caught in a lie?

He changes the subject - he is an Eagle Scout!  Now this would be harmless if the media actually sought to inform people.  Claims of "Eagle Scout" being proof of integrity have no place in our media and, if Walker's stenographer's journalists had any integrity, they would point out the meaninglessness of Walker's Scout claims - they don't and won't.

Of course, maybe there is a secret Eagle Scout program for young fascists that are being groomed to become petty little dictators.  And HERE's a link to an Eagle Scout Award for union busting - maybe Walker has one of these badges and more for lying and destroying the democratic process.  Well, this is not likely... or is it?!?!

If Walker's main defense against charges he lies and employed a "take-no-prisoners" "divide and conquer" assault on Wisconsin is that he is the son of a Baptist Minister and a former Eagle Scout, it doesn't pass the smell test.  I would have to presuppose that he IS a serial liar and intentionally launched economic terrorism across Wisconsin to suit his national political agenda.  And then I would do some research which, if you follow Madison VOICES Blog, you have seen.much of.

Scott Walker hiding behind token childhood achievements is disgusting, but the media giving this Eagle Scout nonsense an uncritical placement in a propaganda piece news story is even more disgusting.  And since these bogus Eagle Scout claims are spread across Wisconsin and America by the corporate mass media and echo chamber, promoting Walker's dubious claims clearly qualifies as propaganda.

As we move forward in Wisconsin, are we ready to have a dialog about the media and its role in creating Fitzwalkerstan?


Anonymous said...

Where's the proof that Walker was an Eagle Scout? I need to see it.

Democurmudgeon said...

Very nicely reasoned commentary, that focused on his authoritarian leanings and sociopathic behavior, all under the emotionally charge Eagle Scout symbol. Conservatives are obsessed with symbolism. The emotional sweet spot has worked wonders for Walker and others to gain power.

Man MKE said...

Very well done. I was a Boy Scout and patrol leader who never made it past First Class Scout but I do know two things: 1) some of the scouts higher up in our troop were no heroes or saints. one Star Scout got into all manner of trouble both while he was a scout and later in life; also, 2.) the Boy Scouts of America has institutional issues, like pedophilia and its disinterest in letting gay boys (even if they're in the closet) join its ranks. Walker's Eagle Scout proclamation is thus compromised, but his mere mention of that rank is not in keeping with the Boy Scout Oath requirement that one be humble. Even assuming he really has always been squeaky clean, which he hasn't.

Anonymous said...

Only a few years after attaining his Eagle Scout standing, Scott Walker did some not-so-nice things. In fact, it is ironic that Scott Walker, as a grown man, keeps proclaiming himself to be an honorable Eagle Scout. Perhaps he has forgotten that as a student at Marquette University, he got in trouble when campaigning for president of the student body. In fact, Scott Walker dropped out of Marquette University after he was sanctioned by MU for illegal campaigning on numerous occasions, in addition to personal attacks upon his opponent’s character. MU's newspaper described him as unfit to be student body president. You may wonder why Walker refuses to allow his MU records to be released. His behavior at MU does not appear to reflect integrity. Fast forward to today, and I question Walker's leadership ability to choose staff and aides with integrity. His staff and aides have been charged with enticing a child,embezzling funds meant for families of veterans, illegally campaigning, etc. More recently, Walker claims his barely better job figures are final, when they are NOT VETTED. That is not truthful. I just can't trust Scott Walker. I wonder how he can still say he is an Eagle Scout. Where are the Eagle Scout Police.....I think we have a problem. How many grown men are there that keep telling everyone that they are an Eagle Scout? this a sign of delayed adolescence?

Anonymous said...

if you google Eagle Scouts Convicted, it will pop up with any document that contains any one of those words based upon their frequency and likelihood of relation. It would be a false assumption to say that just because so many documents popped up on a google search all those documents are actually about Eagle Scout convictions. I'm not saying you should absolve Scott Walker, but I don't think you should besmirch the name of Eagle Scouts as you tear him down. When people are faced with any type of conflict they will search for a scapegoat, it is shameful that he is using Boy Scouting, but you should damage the reputation of other Eagle Scouts based upon his actions.