Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scott Walker is a Sociopathic Liar, But Don't Take Our Word, Please Look Yourself

NOTE:  This post is actually an ongoing series -- our goal is to provide a simple webpage that identifies the different ways Scott Walker constantly flip-flops, talks out of both sides of his mouth, and can actually be demonstrated to habitually lie.


Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief Doin' What He Does Best: Lie

This NEW post includes all of the links here plus at least 25 new stories that have emerged since 6/4/2012, immediately BEFORE the recall election.

When Scott Walker made the decision to "divide and conquer" Wisconsin, implementing a radical extremist ALEC/Koch brother's agenda, polarizing the electorate more so than any other place in America; everyone involved with the promotion of these attacks knew they were going to need major-league lies and a propaganda blitzkrieg to successfully flip the Badger State red.

Scott Walker, his cronies, and the mainstream which carries their water have demonstrated that they are lying liars of epic proportion.

VOICES Newspaper asked a highly qualified information and technology literacy specialist, a fully-qualified reference librarian, to put together a set of links, providing an information on-stop, helping people see and judge for themselves, and spread the word:  Scott Walker is a habitual liar and is still unfit for office

Don't believe the propaganda about being an Eagle Scout.  Walker is fully-untrustworthy and has some of the most serious character-flaws of any elected official many of us have seen in a long time (OK, for a year or so...).

Besides, Scotty, Eagle Scouts pledge to wear their awards part of the Boy Scout pledge is to be humble and "wear your award[s] with humility".  Its dickish unprofessional to proclaim we should accept your toxic disinformation because of self-proclaimed childhood rituals of achievement.

But this shouldn't surprise anyone, a former classmate of Scott Walker has come forward with the type of person/student Walker was at Marquette University.  Walker had no integrity then and he has no integrity.

Pleases scroll down the list of links below to see this for yourself.  PolitiFact ratings for "Half-True" are identified here as "Half-False" (which is generous).  Inclusion of that organization should not be construed as a full-endorsement of their reliability.  And if Walker was a good Eagle Scout, (NOT!) he would demand that we hold him to higher standards and call  misrepresentation dishonorable and unacceptable.

If we have omitted an link to an important lie not covered here, please post in our comments.  Please share, we are each other's most valuable resource.  If Walker wants to run on his integrity and ability to lead Wisconsin, he is a total FAIL.  Let's get the word out!

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