Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walker's Droopy Eyes, Dead Eyes Are Scary!

I had an opportunity to sit in and observe yesterday's Building Commission Meeting in Madison's Capitol.  I had never seen Scott Walker up close before.  This was a very short meeting, 15 minutes.  What I saw scared me.  Very little was said - the minutes from the previous meeting and a handful of items on the agenda were approved with no real discussion.  

Like many media darlings, in-person, he does not stand out as a "rock star".  He is a very average looking man until you look into his eyes. They are dark and don't move - he doesn't scan the room or look around.  Walker did not appear to look directly at anyone, even as he talked to the group.  He did not appear to be looking at anything at all - just a blank stare while he talks, speaking in a monotone voice and very short sentences.

Perhaps this is a defense strategy he has developed since the protests.  He is very unpopular in Madison and cannot travel across the state or even our nation without drawing attention.  However, there are reports from before Walker "dropped the bomb" that he has "dead eyes." 

To me, the meeting felt contentious - no one challenged anything, but no one really made any other type of statement either.  There was no chit-chat nor friendly rapport in the room.  It was all business and all strictly by the agenda - each item was voted on and passed, I believe unanimously by the commission that consists of the Governor, Republican, and Democratic legislatures.

It is not my intent to start rumors nor disparage anyone - my purpose is to share how it felt to finally sit several feet from the man and look into his eyes.  They are droopy.  They are totally motionless.  They do not look directly at your or anyone else, at least not if you are not a billionaire.

There is a flat and disconnected demeanor that may at first come across as professional restraint, but to me soon became disconcerting.  Of course, the constant stream of disinformation and out-right lies that Walker and the media spew has jaded my perception of the man.  His attacks, "divide and conquer," on Wisconsin workers, families, children, and women have definitely influence the way I perceive him.  But even if I knew nothing of him and his politics, the blank look on his face and his droopy eyes and blank lstare would stand out.

This is not a normal human being.  And then it occurred to me - George W. Bush, another one of Karl Rove's "projects" also did not appear to be normal.  In this video, and this one, and this one, he appears/sounds absolutely loaded.  We know that Bush has struggled with addictions and even went AWOL from the military service for what best-evidence suggests may have been cocaine binges.

Walker's inability to look directly at people in this room made me wonder - could it be that in the current GOP playbook, the ideal candidate is someone that has no empathy nor emotions.  Could it be that behind-the-scenes republican leadership looks for compromised individuals that can be controlled and manipulated by powerful interests behind the scene - perhaps even with various cocktails of drugs?

And while his expressionless monotone and blank stare can reasonably be attributed to jet-lag, there are any number of other ways to account for this - including issues of substance abuse.

A friend that I shared this with and that is familiar with addictions and Walker's "droopy eyes" told me in his opinion, this is the result of being doped up - when stoned, addicts often try to hide the affects of their substance abuse by controlling their eye movement, facial expressions, and speech carefully lest they appear to be under the influence.

Living the "jet-setting" lifestyle of a rock star, parading around the country begging for money, must take a toll.  It would not be unusual for handlers to try and "help" artists or even politicians by giving them medication to assist their bodies cope with frantic touring schedules - but then, reports of Walker's droopy eyes and blank stare go back to before faux news and the corporate media decided to falsely prop him up as a "super-star" even while a record percentage of eligible Wisconsin voters (about 1 million or approaching 25%)  signed petitions for his recall.

Perhaps that droopy blank stare and his emotionless persona help create the media personality that he is.  In-person, Walker's inability to move his droopy eyes and look directly at you is unnerving and undermines any dialog.  It works much better on camera, one-way communication, as long as the blank stares are directed at the camera's lens.

Those that are paying attention know that Walker is "hired help" and that his political agenda is driven by the likes of the Koch brothers, ALEC, and other corporate interests.  Could it be that the best tool to implement a radical economic agenda that demands austerity for the masses and give-aways that go beyond avarice to a few is a sociopath that can only function with the help of drugs?

Many believe that George W. Bush, who spent record amounts of time on a fake "ranch" pretending to "clear brush" was not actually in charge and was merely a media figurehead.  His bizarre behavior at times would certainly lead some to speculate whether or not he had actually given up drinking or drugging.

If Scott Walker has legitimate reasons for taking medications that impact his ability to look anyone straight in the eyes, then so be it.  But given the extreme nature of this administration and the media propaganda that props him up, citizens have a right to ask, "Is Scott Walker actually capable of being an elected official in a republic where his role is to represent the citizens of Wisconsin?"

When Walker proclaimed to fake David Koch that he was going to "drop the bomb" he was stating the desires of Wisconsin citizens did not matter and he knew he was going against their interests.

The ongoing John Doe probe also to suggests he is not capable of being an official in a representative democracy.

Increasingly, Walker's inability to do any more than look in the general vicinity of a camera and talk into a microphone from a teleprompter proves that, while he holds an elected position, he does not feel any need to serve the public that he works for.

But if you pretend to be David Koch, ol' droopy eyes may take your call and even admit to crimes against the State of Wisconsin and our Great Nation that would put an ordinary sober folk behind bars for a long long time.

Regardless of the outcome of next month's historic recall election, Walker has earned an "accountability moment" for the crimes committed by his closest aides in Milwaukee.County.  Some prison time just might be what the doctor ordered in terms of separating Walker from whatever is the cause of his droopy eyes, blank stares, and restrained & stiff persona.


Anonymous said...

You are describing a scociopathic personality

Anonymous said...

I discovered this site when I goggled dead eyes. He look as if he is not human, and has no soul or feelings. Very much like the characters in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Unfortunately, his actions are completely consistent with that stare. He is either dead, and revived through some advanced technology to appear alive, or he is alien with an out covering of a human but the inability to show emotion or feeling. The insinuation of your article is much worse, and is that he lacks empathy and affect,and is psychotic. Let's hope you and the the person above who has responded are wrong. Either way, he is scary and his eyes betray him, but the reason some have voted or supported him may be even scarier.

Anonymous said...

I think he suffers from a syndrome similar to Marfan or Jacobsen's. Unfortunately you need some of his dna to test this hypothesis.
Which if you had that you could also test for drugs.

Raven said...

Sociopathy (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and drug addiction being two reasonable suggestions, let me also throw another fringe possibility into the ring: after a tragic accident in childhood, young Scottie received a complete eye transplant — unfortunately no human eyes were available — but this was the first successful transplant of shark eyes into a human being. It would, I feel, completely explain their (lack of) expression.

DrCroland said...

I think we're neglecting something even more obvious- Scott Walker, from the looks of him, may have an addiction to cocaine or other drugs. Why else would he look so spaced out? I could almost bet that if he himself had to take a drug test, he would fail.