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Fight The Friday News Dump! Is this more from the John "Scott Walker" Doe probe?

Very interesting Friday news dump on June 8, 2012.  Milwaukee County Sheriff, fake democrat and teabagger, David Clarke, has had one of his "rising star" top staff,  (personally selected by him despite minimal to non-existing qualifications) suspended with pay while authorities investigate allegations of misappropriations of taxpayer dollars in the department.  Wisconsin's fiscal conservatives, indeed!

If one saw the reports from Friday, it should be obvious that the news media is not presenting the whole story.  Let's not let them get away with shoving this down the memory hole.  Is this part of "Walkergate", the secret Milwaukee probe being conducted by Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm?

This is potentially a HUGE story because it may be related to the ongoing Scott Walker "John Doe" investigation and this could be the very first indication that the criminal stench emanating from Walker's Milwaukee County Executive administration stretches beyond that office, perhaps across town and beyond, perhaps to Madison and perhaps even across the state and nation -- there is reason to wonder if the scandal goes far beyond Walker's corrupt office.

Let's be clear:  No one knows the full facts because the parties involved are not talking and the media is letting this slide through the Friday news dump cycle with minimal, contradictory, and disconnected reports that some may conclude are not designed to inform.

After all, the media is too busy telling us what a "rock star" Walker is now.

It is being reported that Major Nancy Evans, in charge of the the largest Sheriff department budget, county jail and the house of correction in Franklin, was escorted from her office building on May 25, 2012, because an investigation has connected her with tens of thousands of dollars that may have been embezzled.

Strange, because almost 2-weeks ago it was reported,  before this story broke and before June's recall election, Fran McLaughlin, who served as Walker’s spokeswoman from 2007 to 2010 when he was the Milwaukee County executive, asked for and received immunity in the ongoing Scott "John Doe" Walker probe. She is the 13th person granted immunity...  but Scott Walker is a republican "rock star", right?

Since Evans hasn't been charged, she is still getting paid -- nice work if you can get it, right?  Do you think this was a collective bargaining thing?

And Fran is currently the communication director for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department -- works for teabaggin' Sheriff David Clarke as media contact!  Well, well, they certainly have a lot to talk about, don't they.

hmmmm...  What a coinkydink...

Faux 6 out of Milwaukee is reporting:  The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a criminal investigation into a high-ranking member of its Detention Services Bureau.  Major Evans Evans is being investigated for authorizing payments for work that was never done at either jail.

hmmmmm....  Who did that money go to?  What was it used for if they didn't do work at either jail?

And from VOICES "You Can't Make This Crap Up" Department, just last month "fiscal conservative" teabagging Sheriff David Clarke prclaimed he was tired of the snail's pace it took to get minor fix-ups done at the Milwaukee County Jail and his administrative offices.  He wants to competitively bid the work... Send it out to contractors.

hmmmmm... Major Evans is gone for now, and remember, she authorized tens of thousands of dollars to private contractors that did not do any work.  It sounds like teabaggin' fiscal conservative Clarke prefers paying for work that is not done at all instead of work that is done, but at a snail's pace.

Newstalk 1630 in Milwaukee is reporting that a department spokeswoman has not confirmed that Major Nancy Evans is under investigation and this office is working with District Attorney John Chisholm on the matter.  The link to document this information from the radio station has a really kewl picture of a police badge!

hmmmmmm...  John Chisholm...  That's the John Doe DA, another coinkydink...

And then there's this from Milwaukee's WISN:  A county auditor stated the investigation has nothing to do with the county's ongoing audit of the Sheriff's Department.  Both the auditor and the county executive said they knew nothing of the investigation until they began getting media inquiries.

hmmmmmm...  The county was totally ignorant of everything, didn't even know the DA was involved...  Could it be that someone ratted her out?   After all, the communication director of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department was granted immunity for the John "Scott Walker" Doe probe...

hmmmmmmm...  But I saw on my TEE-VEE that Scottie was a republican "rock star" and not a felonious criminal.

The Milwaukee Urinal Genital Journal Sentinel says a union grievance against the sheriff is pending in connection with Major Evan's promotion to captain ahead of other officers, which reportedly protected Evans from being among 48 Milwaukee County deputies who were laid off earlier this year.

hmmmmmmm...  Is this what Scottie calls a "Union Thug"?

In writing this blog post, we have linked all of the "mainstream media" stories available at the time of writing.  If you follow our points and check our sourcing links for each tidbit of information, you will plainly see that no one source is really telling he whole story.

hmmmmmmmmmmm.... Is this another coinkydink?

And finally, more from VOICES "You Can't Make This Crap Up" department: County sources told WISN TV 12 News that Evans was a favorite of the sheriff, who sent her to the training academy last year at taxpayer expense, and just weeks ago, the sheriff asked the county board to reclassify her position so she could become a sheriff's appointee.

But wait!  From the same source:  County Supervisor Mark Borkowski told 12 News the sheriff dropped that request earlier this week without explanation.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...  Another coinkydink?

Remember, the Sheriff Department claims they knew nothing about the criminal investigation until news media contacted them about reports.  But days before that happened, teabaggin' Sheriff David Clarke withdrew his request to reclassify her position and more-fully bring her into the fold.  

None of this passes the smell test - no wonder it was a Friday news dump.  Anyone wanna bet whether-or-not we hear any more about this next week?

Will the mainstream media present a coherent story that clears up the contradictions and inconsistencies I have cited here and fills in the obvious holes each "news" source has left us with?

...[crickets chirping]

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