Friday, June 8, 2012

Republican "Rock Stars", Habitual Liars, Never Called Out by Press. Coincidence?

A stunning pattern is emerging in America, clearly visible when one critically looks at presumptive republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Wisconsin's Scott "John Doe" Walker.  We could include other prominent republicans in our analysis, but you can google them yourself.  Let's look at Romney and Walker's record and media coverage.

These men are sociopathic liars that have a habit of saying things that can be easily demonstrated as false (documentation to follow).  They can be demonstrated as lies because the false statements are repeated over and over even after clear evidence comes forward to thoroughly debunk the lies.  In fact, when this happens, Romney, Walker, and the mainstream media double-down on their lies.

In each case, it is the mainstream media that props up the lies.  In Wisconsin, we saw a negative ad-blitz of unprecedented proportion, overwhelmingly Scott Walker ads.  These media assault began in November of 2011 and did not let up, increasing in intensity, right up to the recall on June 5, 2012.  The ads were not only intense, blanketing the airwaves, they were also dishonest.

And the media that accepted record amounts of money for a Wisconsin governor's race to run Walker's blitzkrieg of propaganda not only refused to provide any analysis of misleading content at any point of their news cycles or editorials, but the distortions, slight-of-hand statements, and outright lies were repeated as "news".

The media repeatedly ran Walker's one-sided ads full of lies and then gave the false content credibility by proclaiming that talking points originating solely from Walker's campaign were somehow "grassroots" sentiment that actually came from the masses.  The media fully knows they lied and carried Walker to victory.

They made a lot of money doing it in an economy where advertising revenues are down.  Their accountants can precisely tell you how much money it took to sell-out the integrity of "news" operations. Today, the mainstream media is owned by large corporations, often multinational, that have decided their media assets are worth more as propaganda tools than as legitimate broadcast/news services that are supported by advertising content.

And now, organizations like the Milwaukee Urinal Genital want to cozy up with us again proclaiming we are not red nor blue, but PURPLE! as if these blatant propaganda shills those responsible for blanketing the Badger State with paid falsehoods are somehow really on BOTH sides when they actually "balance" objective and verifiable information from one side with outright deceptions from the other.

Now that the circus sideshow that was the republican presidential primary appears to be resolved, the public is starting to see and talk about Romney's inability to consistently carry any message or position.  Not only is he a flip-flopper of gigantic proportion, but he is a serial liar.  If US media existed to inform the public, he could not have possibly "won" (yeah, they were all crazy though) and would be a laughing stock in the November election.  neither could Scott Walker.

Romney can only win if he outspends Obama, blankets America with negative ads, and the media continues to prop up the nonstop lies by (1). given his propaganda a platform 24/7 and (2). carrying Romney's talking points, flip-flops, and serial lies uncritically into their news cycles creating a manufactured consensus of "fact" by creating an echo-chamber that endlessly repeats the propaganda.

This is what we saw in Wisconsin - Coincidence?  We think not.  Its now the standard republican playbook.

VOICES newspaper maintains a list of links, about 150 to date and growing, of documentation of  the many lies that emanate from Walker's administration.  Please post any we've missed in our comments or email them to us.

Here are some links to Romney lies - we can't take the time today to find more than 150, but these set of links should more-than prove our point:
To those paying attention and willing to look beyond the glitter and shine, the republican party has de-evolved into what can reasonably be termed a criminal enterprise.  Even the Democratic National Committee, not known for aggressive attacks on its political opponents, has had its hand force and is publicly calling out Florida GOP with the question "Is Florida Republican Party a criminal enterprise?"

And in the local and national media?

... [crickets chirping]

We have a problem and if you were disappointing after Walker "won" a recall with totally unverified vote counts of ballots that no one actually looked at, tallies on "free machines" suspiciously provided by an out-of-state organization, exit polls that had to be "adjust" to match unverified vote counts, and then the abuse & outright lie of using this "adjusted" (re: bogus) exit poll data to project winners; you are likely to be really really upset this November.

Absolutely NO ONE can verify that Walker won the recall, yet the party that wants to prevent folks from voting over non-existing "voter-fraud" and the mainstream media absolutely refuse to talk about ELECTION FRAUD.  This simply does not pass the smell test.

Do we live in a representative republic or democracy?

If so, why do republicans and the mainstream media refuse to talk about free, open, and verifiable elections?

We saw the answer last Tuesday - this is what allows the economic/political interests behind Romney, Walker, and the republican party to proclaim false mandates and steamroller over citizens.

I can't prove the vote counts the media tells us are true - the system is designed to make that impossible.  No one that stands for this absurd and potentially criminal system has any integrity talking about voter fraud, especially when they are responsible for disseminating the lies and propaganda in the first place.

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Publius No. 9 said...

Nicely done! Keeping a running list of Walker and Romney's lies are a great idea, because the lies are simply too many for a person to keep track of.

Also, it's great that you added election fraud. No one seems to want to talk about this REAL problem. I'm sure Walker won his recall, but there really is no way to verify that he actually did without being able to independently verify the integrity of the machines. Open source election and voting machines are the only way to go!

Keep up the great work!