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Call the Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance -- Republicans Fuming at Harry Ried

MADISON, WISCONSIN.  Talking Points Memo has this headline and story:  "Republicans Fume At ‘Liar’ Harry Reid For Claiming Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes" but in this writer's opinion, it sounds more like these partisan hacks have likely been huffing fumes from the waaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance they obviously need.

Harry is saying what he feels is appropriate to say.  He is protecting his source as he has a right to do and as good journalists would do.  Mitt rMoney could put this all to rest if he chooses.  What's more -- there is a second source to vouch for the credibility of the person that is making the allegation and Reid's statements.

And Romney wants to make this about Reid instead of demonstrating to the American people that he pays his fair share in INCOME taxes.  The caps is appropriate because Romney is parsing his words carefully -- he does not proclaim he paid his fair share of INCOME taxes -- he makes fuzzy statements that he "pays plenty in taxes."

And we all do -- there are many taxes and fees we all pay directly and indirectly. 

  1. Mitt rMoney actually refuses to talk directly to the issue of INCOME taxes
  2. His 2010 returns, which he has released, actually lead to more questions than they answer and specifically withhold key documentation
Romney has brought this all on himself.  As we pointed out earlier this week, it is hypocritical for Mittens to tell Harry Reid to "put up or shut up" when he's the guy running off his mouth and refusing to "put up" and put these issues to rest.

This writer can only hope (and expects) that Romney has now created an issue that is going to dog his campaign for the remainder of the election.  And if his tax returns were on the up-and-up, would see it is in his best interest to release the returns.

And this could actually cost him the nomination, but the republicans have put people up that are no better in the past and some of those folks actually get elected President of the United States.  And last time, what did we get?

Despite specific and clear warnings from the Clinton administration, the most deadly terrorist attack on US soil in this country's history, unfunded endless wars in the Middle East, the worst job-creation record in the recorded history of the U.S., a massive bank failure and bailout, tanking the U.S. economy, and a global depression.

But hey, at least according to that last link, Bush said he was sorry...

So Romney will not talk about his experience in Massachusetts -- for good reason, he didn't run for re-election because he was going to get crushed.  He was an unpopular governor and his state has one of the worst economies in America.

Romney won't run on his health care reform and, even more hypocritically, dishonestly says Obama adopting the same approach is nearly treason.

And, while he runs solely on his business experience, he refuses to demonstrate to Americans that the fortune he amassed was earned in a reasonably legitimate manner and he paid his fair share of taxes doing it.

Anyone paying attention knows that Romney is a fraud when it comes to economics that actually helps the American economy prosper -- but he was very very good to China and other parts of the world.  So we were glad to see this posted at Talking Points Memo:
Top Obama campaign officials declined to repudiate Reid’s claims, and instead called on Romney to release the 23 years of tax returns that he privately provided John McCain’s 2008 campaign during its search for a vice presidential nominee.
“We could put all this stuff to rest tomorrow. Mitt Romney can go to Kinkos, he can photocopy his tax returns,” said Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “He can hand them out to people like CNN. He can hand them out to reporters all over the country.”
And when asked repeatedly if Obama's campaign will ask Reid to stand down, that same article report that Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs stated:

“Let’s be clear — I don’t think anybody controls Harry Reid.” 

This report closes by sharing Reid’s spokesman Adam Jentleson' emailed response to TPM.
Republicans can try to cover up for Mitt Romney’s stonewalling all they want, but this issue is not going away until Romney decides to be straight with the American people and release his tax returns. It is sad that the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon has forced his party to defend his decision to hide the truth about his tax returns. As Senator Reid has said, an extremely credible source informed him that Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for ten years. From the one year of returns Romney has released, we’ve seen that he uses secret offshore accounts in places like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands to avoid paying U.S. taxes. It’s clear Mitt Romney is hiding something, and the only way for him to clear this up is to be straight with the American people and release his tax returns.
And just in case you want to watch this fun for yourself, here's a clip:

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