Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tommy Thompson Campaign Carrying Walker's John Doe Baggage

Former Walker Campaign Manager (2010) Keith Gilke has been hired by Tommy Thompson’s U.S. Senate campaign.  This would ordinarily not be news.  Gilke is not charged in any crimes related to ongoing criminal investigation(s), but publicly released documents do show Gilke regularly collaborated with Walkergate co-conspirators Darlene Winks, Fran McLaughlin, Kelly Rindflesch, and Tim Russell; including email contacts presumably on the illegal second network that was installed in Walker's Milwaukee County Executive Office and rumored to also have been set up in Madison (h/t Sly).
It is not a rumor that the John "Scott Walker" Doe probe is now focused on illegal activities after Walker became governor.  This is now part of the public record .  Gilke was involved in that transition, but suddenly and inexplicably stepped down on October 8, 2011.

Journal Communication's pro-Walker propaganda arm, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more:
Darrin Schmitz as general consultant. Schmitz has been working on the Thompson campaign. He previously worked on campaigns for U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. He is the president of Persuasion Partners Inc.
Brian Nemoir as political director: Nemoir has been working on the Thompson campaign. His recent campaigns include managing David Prosser’s race for Supreme Court.
Ryan Burchfield as strategy and research director. Burchfield was campaign manager of Thompson's primary victory. He was campaign manager of Todd Young's winning run in 2010 for the US House of Representatives in Indiana.
John Matthews as senior advisor: Matthews was Thompson's longest-serving chief of staff while Thompson was governor. He was a senior vice president at Diversey Inc. until January, when he went to work for the Thompson campaign. Diversey’s North American offices are based in Sturtevant.

Curiously, about two weeks before Gilkes’ surprised resignation, approximately a dozen law enforcement officers, including the FBI, raided the home of a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker, Cynthia A. Archer, as part of a growing John Doe investigation.  While this raid is almost 2-years old now, these types of investigations are complex and take time -- in cases in Illinois, it did take years between when computers were seized and when charges were filed -- it would be a mistake to proclaim there's nothing to see here.

Dan Bice, of MJS wrote this at the time:
Archer was appointed to the job on Aug. 18, a day before it was formally offered to her. The job was offered by Walker chief of staff Keith Gilkes, not Children and Families Secretary Eloise Anderson, who is responsible for filling the job. Anderson never interviewed Archer for the job.
At approximately the same time as the Archer raid, the media began to report that one of Gov. Scott Walker's top aides, Cullen Werwie was granted immunity to testify in an ongoing secret "John Doe investigation," so Gilke's sudden departure raised a few eyebrows at the time.

One of our daily reads, Blogging Blue had more at the time (Sept 2011):
Gilkes isn’t the first high-level Walker administration official to resign under curious circumstances, as Tom Nardelli, who served as Walker’s chief of staff when Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, resigned his high-level position in the Walker administration only days after accepting it, citing “misgivings” about the position as well as “other little things” related to the internal operations of his former state agency as reasons for his departure.
So now Tommy is takin' on the stench of Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief Gov. Scott "John Doe" Walker.

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