Friday, September 21, 2012

Dangerous Drinking Games: Each Time Scotty Pleads the Fifth

DANGER WILL RODGERS DANGER!  Now we know why Walker proclaimed last Monday "Read the Constitution Day"!  If Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief, Gov. Scott "John Doe" Walker gets called as a prosecution witness, it will be extremely dangerous to abuse alcohol by having a drink each and every time Scottie invokes his rights under the  Fifth Amendment to not incriminate himself.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that court documents identify 35 people including Walker as potential witnesses against BFF Kelly Rindfleisch who is facing 4 felony counts.  Prosecutors have filed many more documents since these charges were originally filed and have an assistant DA has stated that add 8 more felonies may be added to the mix -- a total of 12 felonies essentially committed within 25 feet of Scott Walker's executive suite in Milwaukee County.

Perhaps we should hear what Scotty has to say...

Scott Walker is solely responsible for hiring and then promoting Rindfleisch, an anomaly in the hiring/promoting process.  VOICES has blogged about this story since it broke including her defense teams repeated attempts to dismiss charges, suppress evidence, and delay.

Curiously, her only real credentials for the "work" she is being criminally charged over appears to be the fact that she received immunity years ago in the "Caucus Scandal" where some legislators were fund-raising on the taxpayer's dime.

Anyone that thinks we have seen Herculean efforts to postpone and obfuscate from Kelly's lawyers, is going to be impressed by the shenanigans we are likely to see if Scotty starts dropping big bucks from his criminal defense fund to avoid or string-out being put under oath.

This writer believes that 35 potential witnesses for the prosecution likely means Rindfleisch is going to face additional felonies unless she starts doin' some serious cooperatin'.  The list of potential witnesses contains individuals with access to various county records and hosts of certain campaign events.

MJS did not publish the list; little is available at this time.  VOICES will update this post as that information becomes available.

Directly from the MJS article, with links to background information at Walkergate Files, are the other Walker associates identified:
  • :Brett Davis, state Medicaid director. He was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in 2010. The criminal complaint against Rindfleisch says she worked extensively on fundraisers for Davis. 
  • Michael Huebsch, state administration secretary under Walker and a former Republican state lawmaker. He’s described on the trial witness list as an "event host," likely a reference to a particular campaign fundraising event.
  • Cullen Werwie, spokesman for Walker at the Capitol. Werwie was Davis’ campaign manager for his lieutenant governor bid. Werwie has been granted immunity from prosecution in the John Doe probe.
  • Keith Gilkes, Walker’s 2010 campaign manager and former chief of staff at the Capitol. He left his state job a year ago.
  • James Villa. He worked as Walker’s chief of staff at the county and helped on Walker’s county executive campaigns. Villa is also described on the witness list as an event host.
Joselyn Webster, a Karl Rove protege and highly partisan political hack declined commenting on today's breaking news.  She is no stranger to criminal proceedings involving illegal fundraising and stealing taxpayers dollars for partisan political purposes.

VOICES does not advocate binge drinking.  VOICES advises readers to drink responsibly when choosing to imbibe.   Drinking any amount of beer, wine, and/or other types of alcohol in any amount each and every time Scott Walker pleads the fifth will put you over the legal alcohol limit to drive and likely into a highly toxic state alcohol poisoning.

Please be wise, careful, and encourage your friends to indulge themselves with popcorn instead of alcohol if and when Scott Walker gets put under oath to testify.

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