Sunday, September 9, 2012

Explosion of "Truthiness" Proves Mainstream Media as Info Source is Irrelevant

People have been expressing concerns about "journalism" for, well -- perhaps as long as there have been self-proclaimed "news" reporters.  Today, we have reached a point where the folks on your TEE-VEE and other noooooze services no longer believe objective facts matter.  As evidence, today Paul "I Respectfully Disagree With Jesus" Ryan repeated lied outright on his vote which cut defense spending.  Since this vote is public record -- Ryan's bold-faced lie is astonishing to some, but par-for-the-course today.

Gratefully, an incredulous Norah O’Donnell tried to hold him accountable during the interview, but Ryan stood his ground (I thought lies make Baby Jesus cry).  As usual, in the end, the view is left with the impression that both a truthful statement (O'Donnell's) and a lie (Ryan's) deserve equal consideration.  The truth is now literally "balanced" with lies.  So the question that needs to be asked is simple:

longer sees any reason to report facts or help people ascertain the truth 
about what politicians tell us, what purpose does our media serve at all?

We've blogged about this before -- propaganda works.  The current tea-baggin' republicans are a phenomena wholly-created by the media.  There is no real "tea-party" movement -- it is all created, funded, and controlled by billionaires.  There is no massive grassroots movement demanding an end to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid -- but your TEE-VEE and nooooozepapers would have you believe otherwise. Americans actually believe the ultra-wealthy should pay MORE in taxes, not, as the noooze would have you believe, less.

The public overwhelmingly supports meaningful health care reform and actually prefers a single-payer system that provides hassle-free access to health care for all.  But your TEE-VEE and nooooozepapers would have you believe that the public overwhelmingly supports having sick people turned down for health insurance and denied access to health care.  
Some politicians and self-proclaimed "journalists" would have you falsely believe that Americans support an irrational insurance system that denies early life-saving and preventative care because of "pre-existing" conditions -- this despite the fact the US spends more money on a dysfunctional delivery system that covers fewer citizens than any other economically developed country!
This nation CAN afford to take care of its citizens' needs -- the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution identifies this as the very purpose of our government:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
But you would not know this -- the media wants you to believe the "common good" is unAmerican!  Your TEE-VEE lies to you and nooooozepapers are even more brazen in their lies.

Faux Noooooze and the rest of the corporate media literally tell us the truth is unfair!

Because there is virtually no meaningful competition in the mainstream media, only six major corporations own most broadcast television news outlets in the United States, the only real choices Americans have are:
  1. Mindlessly and numbly accept the misinformation and disinformation -- become what some term "sheeple".
  2. Tune out information that does not conform to what we already believe
  3. Create our one social networks and use the Web to share reflections, perspectives, and real news.
And while option 3 is largely the most rational choice (dare I proclaim it "best"?), our ability to intelligently maintain a robust dialog is undermined when the mainstream media is full of so much disinformation and misinformation -- sometimes outright lies.  Just imagine how much more powerful the web and social media would be as a force for political/economic change if we could actually count on getting facts from TEE-VEE and the noooooze.

Perhaps this is why they lie?

The current republican presidential ticket is running on distortions, empty promises, contradictory talking points, and even bold-faced lies.  One of Romney's most brazen flip flops is that he falsely claims the President needs to be "fact-checked" when the Obama tries to speak the truth as he sees it, while actually dismissing "fact checkers" from assessing his misstatements and/or whopping lies.

If an informed citizenry is necessary for a democracy to function, then America's media and faux "journalists" are undermining this nation by telling the public, directly or indirectly, that facts don't matter.

While politicians have been accused of lying for as long as there have been politicians, America has never seen a major political party proclaim to the world that facts don't matter -- essentially telling the public that everything they say and do is propaganda -- propaganda which our mainstream media disseminates across our nation.

The entire republican convention this summer was built on a lie created by faux news.  A deceptively-editied sound-bite was used to twist President Obama's words to the point of an outrageous lie and then this became the center of the republican party and Romney campaign.

Some believe we are entering a new era -- where all that matters is image, media buys, and election campaigns that are virtually fact-free and devoid of any substance, issues, or policies -- Romney is an "etch-a-sketch" candidate unlike anything this country has ever seen.

But the reason this country has never seen such massive fraud and manipulation is because we now have a hyper-concentrated media who's multinational corporate owners have collectively decided their media assets are worth more as propaganda tools for their larger economic/political interests.

An advertiser-supported source of information presented as a public service to meet legitimate social and personal needs?  Nope -- our media does not see that as valuable as pure propaganda.

We will never take back our democracy until we take back our media.  The people that stand in front of the microphones and cameras are not our problem -- the folks that produce the noooooze and intentionally misinform us, always erroring on the side of corporate interests, are.

Folks that will tell lies that benefit mega-nooooze corporations are easy to find -- there's an endless stream of people that will sell-out their integrity (if they ever had any at all).

Please, continue a robust, meaningful dialog about the issues and candidates -- elections matter.  But lets also talk about the role the current massive media failure plays in creating kings from people that cannot speak the truth nor reveal their real political agenda.  

We are stuck with the Mitt Romneys Paul Ryans, Scott Walkers, and the rest until we hold the folks that create truthiness accountable -- and those people currently control our noooooze or misrepresent themselves as "journalists".

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