Thursday, October 25, 2012

VOICES TV Exclusive: LogistiCare Harming Wisconsin's Senior Citizens

American Association of Retired Persons has over 810,000 members in Wisconsin, people that have worked most of their lives and paid sales taxes, income taxes, and a variety of other taxes and fees that support local, state, and federal government.  They want to live in dignity, staying in their homes and communities as long as they can -- LogistiCare's inability to responsibly broker transportation services means many senior citizens are unable to get to important medical and health maintenance appointments.  But let's let Gary Metz, a volunteer advocate for AARP, explain after the jump.

On October 18, 2012, the Wisconsin Senate's Committee on Health, Revenue, Tax Fairness and Insurance held an information hearing session to listen to questions and concerns about LogistiCare's privatized brokerage of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT).  Don't be mislead by the administration, legislators that refuse to provide basic oversight, LogistiCare, or media reports -- the problems are much deeper and more systematic than inadequate phone support. LogistiCare's failures are not do to a shortage of transit providers -- under the old system, there were plenty.

The problem is that LogistiCare is being paid at least $38 million -- a fee for each and every qualified member whether or not those members actually need transit services. LogistiCare's business model appears to be based on denying transportation -- even when those members need the ride to maintain their health and lives.

LogistiCare gets paid whether or not it provides any service and has anointed itself, in violation of state and federal laws, the only party which can receive complaints.  We have posted all written testimony provided the Senate's Committee on Health, Revenue, Tax Fairness and Insurance -- (33 pgs .pdf) and Carrie Porter's written statements (page 2 of which is omitted from the written testimony link above). 

Below are sources and resources do document the facts and issues in this video report -- please look into this massive privatization failure yourself, but more importantly, talk to people about it, including your legislatures -- demand an independent and complete audit of LogistiCare.

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