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Matrix of Deceit: Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts

Highly-qualified quantitative computer programmer and author, Richard Charnin, has been "doin' the numbers" -- statistically analyzing and modeling historic outcomes of U.S. Elections.  He's seeing serious problems, that election integrity in America is in doubt.  Anomalies consistently benefit one party -- the republicans.  Others have observed a "red shift" as well 

No one in America has done more to identify problems in America’s election process in a scientific, statistical, and significant manner.  And while Richard can articulate his work as terms of a fully-qualified mathematician and also for the rest of us, getting his work out takes a great deal of advocacy.

This is because, at the heart of the problem are powerful media interests and a small circle of other corporate interests that do not want the public empowered via open, free, fair, transparent, and verifiable elections.  After the jump, we’ll explain more.

A serious statistical anomaly exists in the “official” national election vote tabulations.  Since 1988, unadjusted state exit polls in presidential elections impossibly skew to republicans.  Out of a total of 274 state presidential election polls, the number before they are “fudged” show that democrats always enjoy wider support than the final recorded out.  And despite what media apologists, pundits, and faux-journalists proclaim, there is no evidence that one-way error, always favoring republicans, is due to anything other than vote miscounts.  Richard Charnin explained to VOICES:
Probability analysis proves that elections have been fraudulent. Of the 274 state presidential election polls since 1988, 226 moved (the “red-shift”) from the exit poll to the vote in favor of the Republican. The odds of this occurrence, assuming the elections were fair, is 1 in 2.7 million trillion trillion.
P =.0000000000 .0000000000 .0000000000037 (3.7E-31)
Of the 274 polls, 126 exceeded the exit poll margin of error. Only 14 would normally be expected. And of the 126 which exceeded the margin of error, 123 favored the Republicans. The probability is effectively absolute ZERO.
Speaking the truth to power is never easy – in this case – the very corporate interests and organizations that directly and indirectly benefit from proprietary polling systems, computerized voting machines, and final vote tabulations have vested interests.  Not only does the media make massive amounts of money each election cycle from an endless stream of advertising revenues, but they control every aspect of the information disseminated about critical elections.

This is a recipe for disaster – the interests of multinational corporate media organizations and the vast majority of Americans are not one-in-the-same.  We cannot allow democracy to become a spectator sport – a robust dialog about national issues and meaningful elections demands we wrestle the closed-information loop of pre-election polling, primaries, one-sided paid advertisements, and final vote tabulations away from a small circle of powerfully-connected media and marketing companies that created the current system that is increasingly diverging from public inspection, control, and responsively.

Richard Charnin’s book, Matrix of Deceit:  Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Countsis entirely aimed at this closed-loop that appears to pre-determine how politics and our elections play-out.  Richard explains:
A thorough analysis of the 1988-2008 state and national unadjusted exit polls has revealed startling results which prove systemic election fraud beyond any doubt. The one-sided pattern of “red shift” discrepancies to the recorded vote is mathematically impossible. Informing the average voter of this information is a major focus of this book.
The closed-loop begins early with pre-election polls by national organizations like Gallup and Rasmussen that surely know better than to conduct important research with dubious to misleading structure.  Charnin’s True Vote model is designed to clear the noise out of the polling data that the mainstream media releases – he can show that support for democratic candidates is not only being reduced in vote totals (called the “redshift"), but this deception begins with the pre-election polls.
Wisconsinites probably remember the way the entire Badger State was misled during the June 5thWalker recall election.  TEE-VEE, radio, and nooooozepapers reported “too close to call” but then these same organizations, hiding behind claims or “trade secrets” and proprietary software and data, called the election for Walker while people were still waiting to vote!

The public, as in every other important election since 1988, was misled to believe that exit polls needed to be “adjusted”, actually corrupted, to force them to match unverifiable machine counts – and remember, Wisconsin Government Accountability Board will not allow any meaningful verification that vote tabulating machines are accurately counting ballots. What we saw in Wisconsin on June 5th was a closed feedback loop:
  1. Exit polls and unverifiable machine totals did not match
  2. The exit poll data, historically highly accurate, was altered to match numbers from unverified machine totals.
  3. The exit polls, now literally fiction, were used to project what the rest of the vote totals from the machines would be.
  4. Presto!  Someone is anointed a king or queen without the public ever being allowed to see that this “winner” actually had the most votes.
But it’s actually worse than this – the closed loop of disinformation begins BEFORE the exit polls.  The pre-election polling data, also owned by the same folks that profit from a dysfunctional and unverifiable election system, begins the closed loop before the primaries!

Richard Charnin explains: 
All pre-election polls interview registered voters. Likely Voter (LV) polls are a subset of the full Registered Voter (RV) sample. LV polls exclude most “new” registered voters – first-timers and others who did not vote in the prior election. Pollsters have devised various methods for isolating the responses of “likely voters” using Likely Voter Cutoff Models. The media primes voters before the election with LV-only projections and then covers up the fraud with final exit polls that they always force to match the vote miscounts. Democrats always do better in the full RV sample than in the LV sub-sample. LV polls exclude millions of registered voters who actually vote – and most of them are Democrats.
Going into the different ways that polling data is misused and abused to create front-runners could be an entire post by itself.  In a nutshell – here’s how public opinion is manipulated via pre-election polls – the same interests that corrupt exit polls and hide this data from the public.

No assessment of voter preference means a thing unless it is structured to represent groups of Americans that will actually vote – just like exit polls are corrupted to skew republicans, pre-election polls over-sample republican voters, under-sample democrats, and marginalize new voters (who tend to skew to the Democratic party).

Even if the questions, manner of asking them, and samples are properly constructed (and they are not), polls are manipulated by “likely voter models” that somehow proclaim registered voters, if they tend to vote democratic, are “unlikely” to vote. This skews the polls to favor republicans.

Please consider picking up a copy -- Matrix of Deceit:  Forcing Pre-Election and Exit Polls to Match Fraudulent Vote Counts is only $12.95 and an electronic version should be available soon for even less.  This is an important book that clearly lays out how elections are undermined in America and, if the fix is in for 2012, how this election will be manipulated.

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