Monday, December 17, 2012

Brett Davis, Walkergate Target & DHS Head is "Ticklish"

VOICES has it from a reliable source that Brett Davis was seen entering a parking ramp late last week in Madison.  A source walking to the Capitol on some business saw Davis roll down his window to enter the ramp.

This person, who's identity we need to protect, called out, "Brett Davis is going to JAIL!  He's a CROOK!"

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Davis stopped trying to enter the parking ramp and called back, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!?!"

Our source then responded directly to Davis' question from across the street being careful not to be confrontational.  While he knew he was being addressed directly by Brett Davis, our source did not want to say anything that indicated he knew who had asked about the previous statement. Given that Davis directly asked to hear what was previously stated, this person gave this direct, non-confrontational, factual reply:
The prosecutor in the John Doe Criminal probe has publicly announce that Brett Davis is a target in the John Doe probe.  It was in a 78-slide Powerpoint presentation in court at Kelly Rindfleisch's sentencing. She pleaded guilty to a felony for illegally campaigning for Brett Davis.  The prosecutors are going to go after Davis and Walker next!
Brett Davis rolled up his window and entered the parking structure.  Our source then quietly and calmly continued on his way.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Perhaps Brett Davis knows that he is not going to jail. Possibly because he has seized his cheese and ratted out all his fellow rats so that he eat his cheese as a free rat. One can understand he'd be upset hearing something he knows might not be true. Allegedly.

Voices Newspaper Blog said...

Perhaps, but I don't think these rats are going to fink on each other and if Davis did state anything, he would need immunity.

That would be public record -- there are 13 close aides with immunity -- nothing in the DA's PowerPoint indicates that a deal was done and Wisconsin's John Doe law is clear, folks with immunity are publicly identified.

It shouldn't be too hard to see that Scott Walker could not possibly have masterminded the crimes behind his ascent to power -- he is hired help.

I doubt the folks at the tip-of-the iceberg in WI are goin' to snitch on anyone above them, but we will see. You could be right, just sayin'...

If Davis is part of pay-for-play and it spilled into DHS, doesn't seem likely he would be cut much of a deal. Did you see our post Sunday about the coincidences regarding DA's revelations, Providence Service Corp, and LogistiCare?

Anonymous said...

Yes I did. Even commented. What about that new $6 million Providence Service Corp contract?

Voices Newspaper Blog said...

Thanks -- Very little is being reported about that, so will have to do more. It was awarded by DWD which is as dysfunctional an agency as there come.

Providence Service Corp exists almost exclusively as a taxpayer-subsidized operation. They're a privatizer -- been hear disturbing things about them, but continue to fact-check and verify what we're hearing.

For now, haven't seen anything to tie them to what appears to be a irresponsibly run (if not corrupt) WEDC. They are big on school privatization -- expect Walker to use the 2013-2014 budget to start that process in WI.

We will see, but PSC likely will come in and get a big piece of that, no?