Thursday, December 26, 2013

Milwaukee Journel Sentinel Typo or Freudian Slip?

Given that no one has done more to dishonestly prop-up Gov. Scott Walker than Journal Communications, regularly publishing and echoing pro-Walker propaganda, it is hard to know whether an error in today's attempt to slander ongoing criminal investigations into Scott Walker's ascent to power is just a typo or if Journal Communication's has tipped their hand with a major Freudian slip.

We'll show a screen capture after the jump.

In today's late-breaking news about the status on legal maneuvers to derail an accountability moment for multinational corporate interests that underwrite Wisconsin's "divide and conquer" governor; Journal Communications, parent company of the state's largest republican propaganda publication, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has proclaimed State Court of Appeals Justice JoAnne Kloppenburg to be a "...fassistant attorney general who lost a Supreme Court race in 2011 to Justice David Prosser."

Psycho-Judge David Prosser is the profane chokin' justice that stole the 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election with the help of a former top aide, Kathleen Nicholas.  If "fassistant" is some type of derivative of "fascist" -- then surely Journal Communications has the 2 justices mixed up.

This "error" is sure to be scrubbed, so here's our screen capture:

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At VOICES, we understand that typos and grammar errors easily happen -- we commit our share.  We are not in the spelling and grammar business -- we are in the news business and no one on our team does this full-time.  We have other professional jobs. 

We're not sure what business Journal Communications is in -- certainly not informative news and facts (more HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE).

Today's report continues to unfairly slander ongoing criminal probes as being partisan prosecutions that seek to prohibit free speech.  Nowhere in today's report does Journal Communications acknowledge that violations of tax and criminal laws are part of the investigations.  Journal Communications also will not admit that the FBI has been involved with investigating Walker since 2011.

Also absent in today's deceptive report is any acknowledgement that all the hear-say, innuendo, and slander that Journal Communications is misrepresenting as noooooze comes from illegal leaks by targets who have been subpoenaed and/or had documents and/or computers & data seized

Indeed, given that Journal Communications' report is almost entirely devoid of facts and appears to do nothing but lie about an ongoing legal process, it is reasonable to question why they are proclaiming Justice Kloppenburg to be "a fassistant".

Journal Communications tries to puff up their "not-a-watchdog" propagandist extraordinaire, Dan Bice in today's disinformation.  Bice reported last year that the Milwaukee County John Doe Probe was "dead as a doornail".  We now know that Bice had this wrong and that ongoing probes had already been initiated when Bice was trying to sell the idea that Walker was in the free and clear.

For what purpose did Bice quote anonymous sources last fall to proclaim criminal probes were over, creating waves of propaganda falsely claiming Walker was vindicated -- a series of fraudulent reports that reverberated across Wisconsin's media echo chamber.

Journal Communications also doesn't want you to know that at the center of the secret criminal investigations are 2 of the biggest players in republican politics -- Karl Rove & the Koch brothers.  Not only can the state probes be tied to the feds, but there are other investigations that have resulted in settlements over political money laundering and illegal campaign coordination.

While proclaiming Justice Kloppenburg to be "a fassistant" today, Journal Communications wants to hide the fact that likely appeals to the Wisconsin Supreme Court will require Psycho-Judge David Prosser to recuse himself as he is a "person of interest" at the very least and may even be a target of criminal probes himself.

Did Journal Communications miss a typo in the last sentence of today's pro-Walker propaganda or are they revealing the ongoing bias that continues to be obvious in all reports about Walker and the criminality that underlies his ascent to power?

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  1. Or maybe fassistant is this: (from CNET with an editor's rating of "excellent")

    Wouldn't it be interesting if that were actually being used as a data tracker by someone in the John Doe? Oh, the irony of it all. I don't think it is, but it was just too good of a tidbit not to share.

    Google fassistant.

    Happy New Year. -CJ