Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PolitiFact’s Pants-On-Fire Lies: No “Mystery”, Walker's a Drop Out

Its not hard to figure out why
Scott Walker did not earn a degree
from Marquette University,
just look at what he has done to
the State of Wisconsin.
Journal Communications is kickin' the pro-Walker propaganda machine into high-gear -- Jason Stein is writing bold-faced lies; WTMJ-AM, WTJM4, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel & the rest of their media assets are catapulting the lie that Scott Walker will be a hero if he eliminates the state's income tax for individuals & corporations; and today PolitiFact is telling pants-on-fire pro-Walker lies.

Nothing published or broadcast by Journal Communications should be regarded as accurate or truthful -- they do not exist to inform.  They exist to disseminate and echo propaganda – talking points and disinformation that serves out-of-state multinational corporate interest, not Wisconsin.

We know why Gov. Scott Walker is a habitual and chronic liar – with his long record of failure, Walker cannot possibly tell the truth, but he is not really the problem.  Wisconsin would not have a "divide and conquer" governor if the Badger State was not blanketed with right-wing media which smothers the truth with disinformation -- lies of commission and lies of omission -- all serving multinational corporate overlords, fraudulently propping-up and promoting Scott Walker.

PolitiFact has gotten their marching orders -- an gubernatorial election is coming up in 2014.  Scott Walker will lose all credibility and could not be fraudulently hoisted up as the "ideal" presidential candidate in 2016 if the Wisconsin's media would tell the truth about his record -- citizens here would not re-elect him (as we prove HERE, Scott Walker stole the June 2012 recall).  His national aspirations would be done.

The truth is that Scott Walker is a college drop-out and classmates from Marquette University remember him for his shameless and dirty politics.  Journal Communications needs to stamp-out that truth about Walker's past before the rest of Badger State Citizens learn the truth.  His failures at Marquette University matter because Walker is massively failing Wisconsin as our governor.

Today, PolitiFact is telling pants-on-fire lies to sanitize Scott Walker's biggest personal failure -- if the public knew he was a college drop-out, his abysmal failures as governor would be clearer for all to see.

Journal Communication's misleadingly labeled "PolitiFact" has overwhelmingly rated Gov. Scott Walker as a chronic liar -- remember – each "half-true" is a more misleading lie than an entirely false statement.  "Half-true" is another lie -- To the right is PolitiFact’s astonishing ratings for Scott Walker (as of December 18, 2013).

And these ratings are shocking, coming from Journal Communications (parent of Milwaukee Journal Communications & their "PolitiFact) because this corporate propaganda network regularly creates, spreads, and reverberates pro-Walker disinformation and outright lies.

Half-truths are full lies.  Scott Walker is
lying an amazing 85% of the time!
Journal Communications has put the word out, it is time to manufacture propaganda to offset Walker's failures and chronic pattern of habitual lies.  PolitiFact must have been told to not only falsely up-rate Scott Walker's lies, but today they are on a mission to provide political cover with deliberate lies and then dishonest misdirections.

PolitiFact is telling pants-on-fire lies to distract and deceive from the fact that Scott Walker is a college drop-out and is entirely unqualified to be a legitimate candidate for president.  He is not qualified to be Wisconsin’s governor, which is why the state’s economy is faltering and Scott Walker will massively fail to meet his 2010 campaign promises to grow employment and new business start-ups.

Today, PolitiFact begins their propaganda (Warning:  Shameless dishonesty & misdirection) with a fraudulent headline proclaiming that Scott Walker's status as a drop out is somehow "mysterious" and controversial-- it is nothing of the sort.  Scott Walker left Marquette University his senior year 36 credits short of graduating -- in other words, he was approximately three semesters behind.  Walker wasted his time at Marquette and failed for approximately 1 and 1/2 years out of 4 year there as a student.

Scott Walker has lied about this ever since.  He told pants-on-fire lies to Time magazine, stating needed to leave the university to raise his family.  Walker told a school publication that he didn't complete his degree because of an ambition plans to earn THREE degrees -- the truth is he couldn't even cut-the-grade to earn ONE degree.

Time magazine was punked by Walker's whopper, that he left school for the birth of his son -- Scott Walker didn't get married and have his first son until almost 4 years after dropping out from Marquette -- but PolitiFact will not directly state that fact – it undermines their lie that there’s a “mystery”.

But it gets much worse -- if PolitiFact had any intention of informing, they would not have written a fluff piece proclaiming no one knows why Scott Walker paid tuition for 4 years at one of Wisconsin’s most-expensive private colleges and then quit his senior year when he was more than one-year behind in credits.

PolitiFact could have objectively outlined Walker’s dishonest and shifting excuses for dropping out and rated the pants-on-fire lies they are, earning Scott Walker even more of PolitiFact's lowest ratings.

But Journal Communications will not let their boy Scottie get any more false ratings.  PolitiFact now cherry picks softball statements, lies about facts, and even then they can rarely cite anything Walker says as objectively true.

In today’s deception, (Warning:  Shameless propaganda) PolitiFact slanders a Walker classmate and peer, going out of their way to brand him an "environmental activist" -- a dirty name to the teabaggers that Journal Communications spoon feeds propaganda too.

Outrageously, PolitiFact dismisses factual reports on Walker’s Marquette days as been viewed through an "anti-Walker lens".  Very curious -- negative stories anyone has through direct contact with Scott Walker has nothing to do with anyone's "lens”,  they are about Scott Walker's shameful behavior.

Click to enlarge.  PolitiFact doesn't want you to know that
this copy of the Marquette Tribune survived
Scott Walker's attempt to steal all copies.
PolitiFact tells a pants-on-fire lie when they proclaim that no one has evidence that verifies Scott Walker’s disturbing and unconscionable behavior running for student government.  In fact, the school newspaper actually printed a retraction of an earlier pro-Walker editorial, proclaiming Scott Walker "unfit" for Marquette's’s student government.  

PolitiFact knows this evidence exists -- but they lie that it doesn't and all we have is an unknowable "mystery". PolitiFact then picks up and amplifies Walker's lie that he left school to begin a career and raise a family.

They uncritically repeat the same lies Scott Walker told to Times magazine -- yet at the very bottom of the PolitiFact propaganda (Warning:  Shameless deceptions), Journal Communications' own timeline directly states Walker left Marquette in 1990 and did not begin a career in the legislature and raise a family until almost 4 years later. PolitiFact thinks you are too stooooopid to understand the timeline.

Clearly, Walker did not leave school because of what he anticipated doing 4 years later.  No one pays tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, is successful in their coursework, and then just wanders away from their degree -- or at least no one that does so is qualified to be catapulted into the highest office in Wisconsin and the America.

There is no “mystery” – Scott Walker is a drop-out – an academic misfit and failure.

The shameless pro-Walker propaganda shills at PolitiFact's knows today's propaganda has miserably failed to sanitize Scott Walker's dirty academic record.  They falsely proclaim that  no one knows, nor can ever find out, why Scott Walker didn’t earn a degree and the Marquette Tribute declared him "unfit" for office.

Since PolitiFact cannot actually truthfully claim Scott Walker's dropout status is a "mystery" -- they have to end their shameless lie by misdirecting attention from Walker’s academic failings -- they quickly change the subject.

Journal Communications could, but  never would, ask Scott Walker a direct question about inconsistent and shifting excuses for dropping out from Marquette University.  They know that Scott Walker is a chronic liar and that this would result in more Walker lies which would unravel the fabrication Journal Communications is constantly spinning.

Instead of asking simple questions of Walker to explain contradictory and blatantly false statements, PolitiFact tells a pants-on-fire lie that no one can possibly know the truth about Walker's days at Marquette.  The misdirection is complete when PolitiFact proclaims that it does not matter, because maybe someday Scott Walker will finish his college degree!  (Warning:  Shameless lies)

Astounding propaganda -- but this is what Journal Communications does every day.  They are engaging their sham PolitiFact spin-meister more frequently as-of-late, because Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has to clean up the mess Walker's steady stream of bull-crap has deposited on the citizens of Wisconsin.

Soon Walker will be running for president and will be unloading an even heavier and steady stream of bull-crap across America.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will endorse Walker in each race, and will make record profits doing so, despite Scott Walker's abysmal failures on every metric that he himself ran on.

Journal Communications is telling pants-on-fire lies, hiding them behind the bogus name "PolitiFact". Scott Walker is no reformer or "outsider".  Scott Walker is certainly not a working man's hero.  Scott Walker is a abject failure

Now that Journal Communications has begun the process of rewriting history to falsely paint Scott Walker as being responsible for dropping out of college and lying about it, the rest of the media echo chamber is jumpin' on board.  Gannet, a critical part of Wisconsin's mighty Wurlitzer, is now catapulting the propaganda (Warning:  Shamelessly dishonest report), proclaiming that PolitiFact has "vindicated" Scott Walker -- expect every propaganda arm of Lee Enterprises, Gannet, Journal Communications, and Clear Channel to parrot the PolitiFact lies.

Journal Communications and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are planning on repeatedly telling us otherwise in 2014 and then will be leading the in-state parade of propaganda to catapult the most dishonest and disingenuous politician in Wisconsin history into the White House in 2016.

PolitiFact is just another part of Journal Communication's disinformation machine and they serve a valuable purpose to their corporate masters --  the lies they publish get echoed across the state and even the national noise machine -- all sanitized as "factual".

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  1. Scott the RAT Walker is an assclown of a huge magnitude.
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