Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal Communications' Dan Bice: Petition Signers Shut the F*ck Up!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's
"not-a-watchdog" shill is telling
Scott Walker recall petition signers
to shut the f*ck up!
It is disappointing to hear folks that should know better proclaim that Journal Communication's not-a-watchdog reporter, Dan Bice, is a legitimate journalist.  He is no such thing -- in fact -- he's one of the biggest lying liars in the Journal Communication's propaganda machine.

Not all disinformation is "the big lie".  Good propaganda has an element of truth.  Dan Bice is a master of the lie of objective journalism.  His role, in Journal Communications disinformation empire, is to twist the truth and mislead in ways that are more subtle and targeted to different audiences than the bold-face liars on WTMJ-AM, also a cog in the Journal Communications' mighty propaganda machine.

But make no mistake about it -- Dan Bice catapults propaganda with the very best of them and deserves no accolades just because occasionally, and increasingly almost never, he covers an "inconvenient" story that the rest of Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber will not report at all.

Today, Bice is telling shameless lies and slandering an honest reporter for telling facts he cannot refute.

Remember, it was Dan Bice that falsely proclaimed the Milwaukee County criminal probe into Scott Walker's ascent to power was "dead as a doornail" (WARNING:  Previous link is shameful propaganda) even though that investigation had, by that time, greatly expanded and snagged some of Scott Walker's largest out-of-state corporate contributors.

Rather then tell the truth, Bice consistently leads the media echo chamber slandering anyone that dares question the criminality behind "rock star" politician Scott Walker.  This past fall, it was Dan Bice that reported, directly from the targets of ongoing secret criminal investigations, that the closed Milwaukee County John Doe probe was not a dead-end after all.  In fact, it resulted in more secret John Doe probes across Wisconsin.

But these leaks and Dan Bice's report were not meant to inform or serve the public.  Bice was deceiving, quoting anonymous sources, the very targets of ongoing probes; because this would give them a platform to defame, slander, and potentially derail the investigations -- even though leaking information about John Doe proceedings, if you are a target or are involved in any way, is a crime.

Today, Dan Bice showed his true colors as a pro-Walker sycophant -- no one is more in-the-tank for Scott Walker than Mr. Bice.  In an astounding piece of propaganda, Dan Bice essentially admits has no real news he chooses to report, so he catapulted this outrageous slander:  Author of magazine story critical of Gov. Scott Walker staffer signed recall petition (WARNING:  Previous link is hameful propaganda).

Dan Bice wants you to believe that we give up of our rights to free speech & our rights to earn a living and we forfeit our civil duties once we participate in our democracy -- especially when your livelihood is reporting and you have published some verifiable facts.

In today's shamelessly misleading report, Dan Bice proclaims that if you signed a recall petition, you have no credibility telling the truth about anyone in the Scott Walker administration. Bice is using his platform at Journal Communications to slander any and everyone that participated in our democratic process in 2011-2012 because they believe Walker's "divide and conquer" was not good for the Wisconsin.

Carrying water for every other right-wing hack at Journal Communications, Dan Bice proclaims that truth doesn't matter. Then, he outrageously brags that no one at Journal Communications signed Walker recall petitions -- he states that doing so would have violated the paper's ethics policy. Absolutely. Outrageous. Dangerous. Propaganda.

Using Journal Communications in the same sentence as "ethics"?  Using Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the the same sentence as "ethics"?  Dan Bice talking to journalism "ethics"?  This is LOL funny -- voting for Tom Barrett in the demonstrably stolen June 2012 recall election would have violated Journal Communications' "ethics" policies too.

In today's tripe, Bice fails to acknowledge that having a database of recall petition signers serves no purpose other than to prop up his lies & propaganda as well as every other right-wing media hack.

When it serves their purpose, folks like Dan Bice and the rest of the lying liars at Journal Communications proclaim that participating in our democracy is not just a right -- it's a duty -- unless, of course, it goes against the best-interests of their boy Scott Walker -- then not so much.

Dan Bice is a shameless liar that hides behind the former slightly-left-of-center editorial policies of the long-gone afternoon beer-town newspaper, Milwaukee Journal. That rotting corpse is now displayed on the front page of the entirely right-wing Milwaukee Journal Sentinel masthead. Using the term "Journal" is nothing but an illusion -- a misleading reference that is a subtle attempt to catapult Dan Bice's propaganda across a wider swatch of dupes.

In today's deceptive and shameful report -- Dan Bice is literally proclaiming that truth doesn't matter in journalism. He is slandering good people that have carefully done their job fact-checking and reporting. He is proclaiming that facts don't matter -- very convenient -- because he and Journal Communications constantly prop-up a chronic and habitual liar, Gov. Scott Walker.

Bice never mentions a word about how online recall databases are still being abused for partisan political purposes -- this is because Dan Bice's purpose today was to catapult pro-Walker disinformation while tar-and-feathering any and all professionals that did their civic duty by signing a recall petition when they believed the facts warranted Constitutional change.

To propagandists like Dan Bice, facts don't matter, nor do your rights in our democracy. Dan Bice wants you to believe that only pro-Walker shills have the right to tell you noooze. Dan Bice is telling recall petition signers to shut-up.

Dan Bice is a lying liar of extraordinary proportion -- hopefully more people will start seeing through the disinformation published under the byline of one of Wisconsin's most-read political hacks.

Freelance journalist Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz is not the one without ethics -- that distinction belongs to Dan Bice who repeatedly and shamelessly slandered her today because she dared publish a story that told the truth.

Dan Bice knows that he can't credibly argue against the content of her story -- so he tells us lies about "ethics".  Bice and the rest of the bullies in the Journal Communications propaganda machine stand for fascism, demonstrating daily that merging corporate media with multinational out-of-state corporate interests results in "divide and conquer" government.

Dan Bice as an "ethical" and honest reporter? No way.

When one looks at the entirety of his reports, Dan Bice has no credibility as a journalist nor "watchdog" reporter. He serves his masters, out-of-state multinational interests, well.

Dan Bice cannot tell the truth, expecially in light of today's article by Maggie Ginsberg-Schutz, because the facts prove that he and the politicians Journal Communications props-up do not serve Wisconsin's citizens.