Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walker is Lying for Christie, NJ Gov. Must Be In BIG Trouble!

Wouldn't ya know it, the day Chris Christie gets caught
in a pants-on-fire lie over the George Washington Bridge
Lane closure scandal, Scott Walker proclaims his buddy
from New Jersey has been truthful & transparent. 
We know know that New Jersey Gov. and fellow teabagger Chris Christie has many things in common with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- both have close associates and aides that engage in criminal behavior -- so it shouldn't surprise anyone that, after spending the initial phase of Christie's developing George Washington Bridge Lane Closure and then Sandy Hook Relief Fund scandals quiet and on the sideline, Scott Walker is now coming forward to prop-up Chris Christie.

And since Scott Walker can be objectively demonstrated to be a habitual and chronic liar -- no one should expect the excuses he is grandstanding with today to have any basis in fact -- and they don't.  We will be adding the latest Walker whoppers to our regularly updated post of Walker lies.

We now know that Chris Christie is lying and so is Scott Walker when he proclaimed (WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda):
He [NJ Gov. Chris Christie] was completely transparent and gave the public a chance to hear what he understood and what he knew, took action on it — decisive action in terms of removing the people who had not been forthright with him.  And assuming everything stays as he’s announced, I don’t see that being a problem for him.
We'll explain the proof that Christie was not transparent and has not told the truth after the jump and then look at why Walker has no credibility to speak to his lying pal's credibility -- Scott Walker has no credibility especially when it comes to crimes of close associates.

It is widely accepted that Chris Christie's political career is over once it is proved that he lied about his role in the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.  Chris Christie could face criminal charges. It is also widely being reported that Chris Christie will be impeached if he lied about his role.

Christie just got entangled in an undeniable lie -- one that is likely to unravel the entire house of cards he is hiding behind. Christie has proclaimed that he had no contact with the major players involved with shutting-down the traffic lanes on the world's busiest bridge and then covering this illegal activity up.  Wall Street Journal has the details, including this tidbit:
Christie was with the official who arranged the closure of local lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge on Sept. 11, 2013 — the third day of the closures, and well after they had triggered outrage from local officials beset by heavy traffic. It isn’t known what, if anything, Mr. Christie discussed with David Wildstein that day, when the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official was among the delegation of Mr. Christie’s representatives who welcomed him to the site of the World Trade Center for the commemoration of the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks there. 
Also present with Mr. Christie that day were Bill Baroni, the authority’s deputy executive director, who was helping Mr. Wildstein manage the fallout from the closures among local officials, subpoenaed documents show. Also there was David Samson, the Port Authority chairman and close Christie ally, who has said he didn’t learn of the lane closures and traffic in Fort Lee, N.J., until an email from a New York port official ordered the lane closures reversed.
OOOPS -- so much for the transparency that Scott Walker is lying about today.  No wonder New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's former Port Authority executive David Wildstein refused to answer questions during a state legislature inquiry last week -- the same day Chris Christie's held a nearly two-hour-long press conference addressing the controversy.

That's the presser where Christie falsely stated:
I have had no contact with David Wildstein in a long time, a long time, well before the election.  You know, I could probably count on one hand the number of conversations I’ve had with David since he worked at the Port Authority. I did not interact with David.
Unfortunate for Christie, there are photos, obtained by the Wall Street Journal, that show Christie standing next to Wildstein on Sept. 11 (see above).

Despite the propaganda being spun by Journal Communications' not-a-watchdog reporter, the ongoing criminal probes behind Scott Walker's ascent to power are ongoing.  No one should listen when Bice proclaims that recall petition signers should shut the f#ck up as they have given up their rights and civic duties.

Please don't listen to Bice when he tries to tell you the investigations have been now been essentially shut-down either -- Bice is a lying liar that has been leaking disinformation about Walker's criminal investigations for more than a year now.

Scott Walker currently has associates convicted and sittin' in jail for felonies -- all committed directly for Walker's benefit.  Increasingly, is looks like it is just a matter of time before Chris Christie can make the same claims.

Those following the news in the Badger State know Scott Walker to be a crude, vindictive bully.  No wonder Scott Walker had to come forward with false talking-points today -- the nation now know that Chris Christie is also a crude, vindictive bully.

And even if we set the George Washington Bridge scandal aside -- it is still a fact that both Walker and Christie are targets of ongoing criminal investigations.  Chris Christie is facing a federal investigation into whether the governor used Hurricane Sandy relief money to produce tourism ads starring himself and his family.  The Wisconsin media doesn't want you to know this.

And the Wisconsin media doesn't want you to know that a federal investigation resulted in top Walker associate, Cynthia Archer, having her Madison home raided and computers seized for forensic examination.  Archer has not been cleared and is still the key to the entire Walkergate affair

VOICES has it directly from a highly-qualified source and attorney, who's identity we are protecting at this time, that there are numerous federal investigations into the criminal dark money & groups that has been funding and undermining state & U.S. elections.  Our source has this information first-hand -- from the feds.

Criminal investigations swirling around them, close associates and aids caught in criminal acts, ongoing patterns abusing power, bullying tactics, implausible denials that each is entirely ignorant of what their administrations and top officials were doing -- Chris Christie and Scott Walker have an awful lot in common.

But don't expect the Wisconsin media to tell you -- this wouldn't play into their lies about Walker being a "reformer" and "outsider".  If the national and Badger State noooze media had any integrity, they would be telling the truth, Scott Walker is an abject failure with no credentials or credibility to run for the White House.

But instead -- we just get more propaganda proppin' the likes of Walker and now Christie up.  Imagine that, Scott Walker speaking to Chris Christie's truthfulness?

We know that Scott Walker is a bold-faced liar and now we know Chris Christie is one two.  Birds of a feather...

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