Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Pants-On-Fire Politifact Lies: Proppin' Up Scott Walker

PolitiFact is telling pants-on-fire lies, holding Gov.
Scott Walker's opponents to irrational and strict
literal interpretations of each word in their
statements, but giving Scott Walker huge
latitude for the language and statements
he makes.
Nothing that comes out of Journal Communications is designed to inform -- this is a right-wing media empire that exists to catapult divisive politicians into positions of power.  We know that the misleadingly labeled "PolitiFact" ratings skew towards republican interests, giving GOPpers the benefit of the doubt while holding opposition to strict literal standards and often outright dishonest semantic games and intellectual slight-of-hand.

PolitiFact catapulted 2 pants on fire lies this weekend -- Saturday, they overstated Scott Walker's job growth as more than 107,000 jobs since he took office -- overstating even generous tallies by at-least 10,000.  The previous link clearly shows that the largest chunk of job growth came before Walker's "divide and conquer" attack on workers and should be attributed to the policies of former Gov. Jim Doyle.

Journal Communication's has to acknowledge that Scott Walker cannot come close to his signature 2010 campaign promise of overseeing the creation of 250,000 jobs -- but the media continues to mislead that it is a "work in progress" instead of "stalled", or even more accurate -- Walker is failing miserably.  By every metric Scott Walker has set for himself, he is an abject failure.

Today, Journal Communications followed-up on  yesterday's bold-face lie by attacking Mary Burke for being direct and truthful.  How does "PolitiFact" manufacture lies from truth?  Today, they resort to the lowest of frauds -- arguing semantics -- denying that it is accurate and appropriate to compare Wisconsin to other adjacent Midwest states.(WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Major Walker Divide & Conquer Coming: Planning to Drop Another "Bomb"

Don't expect the media to tell you, but late last week,
Scott Walker admitted to an out-of-state right-wing
media organization that he is planning more "divide
and conquer" and is withholding his next divisive
attack from the public until after the fall election.
One of Scott Walker's favorite stunts is to deceive and hide his intentions and policy objectives and then "drop the bomb" on an unsuspecting public.  A favorite tool Walker uses is ginning up entirely-manufactured budget "crises" and then exploiting this looting of the public's treasury to justify job-bustin' austerity for the masses.

Walker does not have the courage to actually run on the radical extreme out-of-state multinational corporate agenda he represents.  So what does he do about it?

Walker tells lie after lie -- it may not be polite to say, but Scott Walker can be objectively demonstrated to be a habitual and chronic liar.  He cannot tell the truth -- his record is one of abject failure.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Walker Grandstands Shrieking About Grandstanding: MORE Lies About Minimum Wage

Gov. Scott Walker, a politician that can be objectively demonstrated to be a chronic and habitual liar, is again proving that the Badger State has become upside-down world and, as usual, his media allies are catapulting the propaganda.

Rather than provide any honest coverage or analysis of issues related to minimum wage, the media is falsely heralding Walker's fact-less attacks on proponents of living wages as "grandstanding".  Scott Walker knows that if he takes extreme and divisive public positions -- even when they undermine Wisconsin's economy -- the media echo-chamber will shout his lies across the state and nation.

Using a classic propaganda technique -- falsely slamming his opponents for the very dodges he is employing -- Scott Walker is proclaiming that advocates of living wages are "grandstanding" (WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda).

Friday, January 24, 2014

NJ Gov. Christie Investigations Prove WI John Does Are NOT Partisan

Click to Enlarge.  What republicans and the
community of Ripon, WI, don't want you to
know is that the dissolution of the American
Whig Party, re-branded as "republican", was
necessary because the part was so corrupt it
had become a criminal enterprise.
What if there was a cabal of people who believed they were so powerful, they did not have to follow the law?  Suppose this group was largely connected via political alliances?

What if the republican party morphed into a criminal enterprise?

It wouldn't be the first time -- today's republican party, by their own admission, was formed in Ripon, Wisconsin, when the American Whig Party (not to be confused with British Whigs) grew so unpopular that it had no credibility with the voting public.

GOP has a legacy of criminality.  The republican party tried to carry out a coup d'etat against the Roosevelt administration in the 1930's.  The cold-blooded murder of John F. Kennedy, one of America's most popular presidents to this day, was also a coup d'etat.  Best evidence is that there were republican interests involved.

There are good reasons to consider that today's republican party has morphed into a criminal enterprise.  The propaganda shills at Journal Communications, however, want you to believe that there is no validity in investigating the republican network of Koch brothers & out-of-state multinational interests.  They want to you believe that the rule of law, applied to billionaires and corporations, is unfair -- this is nonsense.

And Scott Walker's demonstrably stolen 2012 recall election?  Don't expect the truth about that from any media outlet in Wisconsin or across America.  The current Walker administration has no legitimacy -- the people of Wisconsin have not consented to be governed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Journal Communications Reshuffles Propaganda Machine

Journal Communications is re-aligning their
propaganda machine to more consistently shriek
lies across the public airwaves  -- just 
in time for
Scott Walker's re-election. 
From today's "On Tap" at
Journal Broadcast Group announced an organizational shakeup that moves the company away from its "regional alignment" structure and toward expanding the company's "two main businesses: Television and Radio."
What this pro-Walker disinformation machine is really proclaiming is that its "regional" propaganda network -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, its echo-chambers of in-state noooze papers, and its right-wing screech radio WTMJ-AM is gearing up to dishonestly catapult Scott Walker back into the governor's office in 2014.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Iron Mine is Why Walker Wants Foreign Land Sales: China's Buying

Click to enlarge.  Walker wants to pass a new law this year
allowing foreign countries to purchase mammoth tracks of
land in Wisconsin.  This is so that China can purchase
the land and rights to operate a massive open-pit iron ore
mine and potentially derail all legal avenues to stop the
devastation this will create.
We know that creating what could be the largest open-pit iron-ore mine in the world (4 1/2 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and up 1,000 feet deep) to extract taconite, a type of low-grade iron ore, will devastate Wisconsin's pristine northern woods.

All modern U.S. Taconite mines have violations and fines since 2004 (2-page .pdf report).  We know that iron mining in northern Wisconsin threatens human health, complex ecosystems, and their supporting water supplies that reach from upland forest to wetland bogs to Lake Superior. 

Mine operators of a proposed iron ore strip mine will now be able to legally dump over 900 million tons of wastes and tailings into waterways and pristine habitat over the first 35 years of operations.  This will destroy wetlands and streams of the Bad River watershed and likely result in the same acid mine drainage that has resulted in fish advisories for mercury and a wild rice dead zone for 100 miles downstream from Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range in the St. Louis River watershed.

We know that there is virtually no public support for this scheme -- especially in Northern Wisconsin. It appears that Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams lied when his company created the recent mining bill (now law) when he said his mining record in Spain was spotless.  In fact, Williams is a wanted man in Spain and is unsuccessfully fighting serious criminal charges.

So why does Gogebic want this project -- they don't -- China wants that mine.  Expect them to purchase the land and rights to construct it as soon as Walker and his GOP cronies pass a law to allow this to happen.  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wisconsin Media Has No Credibility on GOP Gerrymandering: Today's Propaganda

Click to enlarge.  The same media that created the dishonest and
gerrymandered results graphically illustrated above now want you
to believe they didn't mean to do it -- shameless propaganda.
But then again, they propped-up Walker's stolen 2012 recall too.
From VOICES "You Can't Make This Crap Up" department, Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber is full of itself today and parroting each other's lies across the Badger State.

Despite the fact the Journal Communications, Lee Enterprises, Gannett, and Clear Channel have entirely and consistently endorsed and propped-up republicans in virtually every election, now they want you to believe that they are taking a "brave stand" against the gerrymandered districts that their candidates have created (WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda and so are these:  HERE, HERE, HERE)

Nationally, GOP's partisan redistricting helped republicans hold Congress despite receiving fewer votes than Democrats in 2012.  We've even seen Scott Walker and state legislators discussing plans to rig presidential elections by awarding electoral votes according to those highly-partisan and distorted boundaries.  Scott Walker proclaims this ruse "interesting".

Wisconsin was one of five states where democrats won more than half of the votes for Congress, yet won fewer than half of the elections.  Republicans in Wisconsin received only 49 percent of the 2.9 million votes cast in the state's congressional races in 2012, but won five out of eight seats.  Walker and his GOP cohorts "accomplished" this with unprecedented level of secrecy and obfuscation.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walker Ginning Up Next Budget Crisis and Media Propaganda Props It Up

With the help of a lot of propaganda, Scott Walker
is setting up another giant 
"divide and conquer"
with a shell game that ensures Wisconsin will
soon face a fiscal crisis.
If you are following Wisconsin's dysfunctional media echo-chamber, you know that Gov. Scott Walker has been stealing headlines with stories about tax cuts almost daily since the first of the year.  Of course, Scott Walker does not have a magic money machine -- but you would never know from the dishonest and disconnected media reports that trumpet to the world that indeed he must.

So Wisconsin has seen almost $1 Billion in unanticipated revenue?  Sounds like a lot of extra cash until you realize:
  1. Walker's 2013-15 budget spends $4 billion more than the previous one, spending more than any budget in Wisconsin history.
  2. Walker does not balance the budget -- he borrows $4 billion.
  3. Scott Walker's budget borrows $1 billion for roads.
  4. Wisconsin will pay record payments for interest and debt service.
  5. Record debt payments, under Walker, are a result of not paying debt obligations in 2011-2012.
  6. Walker's budgets are not balanced, they explode long-term borrowing.
  7. The next 2-year budget begins in the read --a deficit of more than a half-billion dollars.
But the situation is even worse than this -- more after the jump.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Walker is Lying for Christie, NJ Gov. Must Be In BIG Trouble!

Wouldn't ya know it, the day Chris Christie gets caught
in a pants-on-fire lie over the George Washington Bridge
Lane closure scandal, Scott Walker proclaims his buddy
from New Jersey has been truthful & transparent. 
We know know that New Jersey Gov. and fellow teabagger Chris Christie has many things in common with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker -- both have close associates and aides that engage in criminal behavior -- so it shouldn't surprise anyone that, after spending the initial phase of Christie's developing George Washington Bridge Lane Closure and then Sandy Hook Relief Fund scandals quiet and on the sideline, Scott Walker is now coming forward to prop-up Chris Christie.

And since Scott Walker can be objectively demonstrated to be a habitual and chronic liar -- no one should expect the excuses he is grandstanding with today to have any basis in fact -- and they don't.  We will be adding the latest Walker whoppers to our regularly updated post of Walker lies.

We now know that Chris Christie is lying and so is Scott Walker when he proclaimed (WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda):
He [NJ Gov. Chris Christie] was completely transparent and gave the public a chance to hear what he understood and what he knew, took action on it — decisive action in terms of removing the people who had not been forthright with him.  And assuming everything stays as he’s announced, I don’t see that being a problem for him.
We'll explain the proof that Christie was not transparent and has not told the truth after the jump and then look at why Walker has no credibility to speak to his lying pal's credibility -- Scott Walker has no credibility especially when it comes to crimes of close associates.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Walker & Media Continue to Lie -- Massive Tax INCREASES Are On the Way

The Magic Money Machine.  Scott
Walker and Journal Communications
you are really stooopid.  Today,
they want you to believe that Wisconsin
can pay for its transportation budget,
which is currently funded by $1 billion
in debt, by cutting taxes.
Scott Walker cannot tell the truth -- his record in Milwaukee County and then as Governor is one of abject failure.  Walker can be objectively shown to be a habitual and chronic liar.  There are 2 reasons that he does not have to be truthful:
  1. Wisconsin's dysfunctional media will prop-up his lies, catapult more lies, and then blanket the state with pro-Walker propaganda.
  2. Wisconsin elections are rigged -- Walker's June 2012 recall can be scientifically proven to be stolen.
Today, Scott Walker and the lying liars at Journal Communications are telling more Walker whoppers -- they really think the public is stooopid.  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Sunday Edition contains the most misleading and disingenuous story that has appeared so far this year -- disguised as noooze, the disinformation screams lies from its headline throughout each and every paragraph.

The lie of objective journalism -- none play this game better than the shills at Journal Communications -- but even for them, this headline is disgraceful:  Scott Walker hopes to sell increased road funding with tax cuts elsewhere(WARNING:  Previous link is shameless propaganda).

Journal Communications is telling pants-on-fire lies when they proclaim Walker can "sell" huge increases in taxes, ostensibly for transportation, with tax cuts.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Huge Story for Wisconsin, Media is Hiding, Are You Following?

Mining in West Virginia is creating a water crisis. 
More than 300,000 cannot use local water supplies
and now have to rely on bottled water.  No one knows
how to remove 4-methylcyclohexane methanol that coal
mines have discharged into the groundwater.  Schools
and business are closed.  Is Wisconsin next?
Reasonable people can disagree on what the top news stories of the day are, which is why it is more-than curious that mainstream media, both in-state and nationally, always focus on the same limited set of stories.

Who dictates what is deemed news so precisely that we can usually flip from TEE-VEE network to TEE-VEE network during the "news" hour and see the same stories presented at almost the exact same time?

Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber, the same lying liars that that falsely proclaimed the recent mining bill will not destroy environmental standards, doesn't want you to know the details of the latest U.S. mining ecological disaster:  In West Virginia, an environmental crisis is unfolding, all due to inadequate ecological standards and even more inadequate enforcement of those standards and laws.

Since a massive 4-methylcyclohexane methanol chemical spill Thursday morning, hundreds of thousands of people downstream from this unfolding disaster can’t use water for anything except flushing toilets and putting out fires.  There is no drinking water, no hand-washing, no dish-washing, no showers, no water for food rinsing & preparation, and no water for pets & livestock.  A chemical that’s used to wash coal has created a dangerous situation that no one knows how to clean up.

Is this where Gogebic Taconite (G-Tac) is going to take Wisconsin when it is allowed to fill wetlands and waterways with toxic mine "overburden" and processing chemicals?  

The pro-Walker media doesn't want you to even think about this, much less demand safe and enforceable environmental policies, standards, and laws in Wisconsin.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Scott Walker Is Lying & Misdirecting Again and the Media is Helping

Scott Walker is lying again, but the bigger
problem is the media propaganda that
props this habitual liar up.
While it certainly is frustrating to watch Gov. Scott Walker bluff and chronically lie his way through his first term in the governor's office -- even worse is how a partisan and compliant media, actually propaganda, not only gives Walker a free pass from any accountability for his statements, actions, and policies; but fraudulently props-up a compromised individual as a "great man".

Scott Walker is many things -- but a hero to the working class is not one of them.  He is no reformer, nor is he an outsider -- Scott Walker is a corporate stooge that does not represent the citizens of Wisconsin.  Dishonest politicians are a dime-a-dozen.

What really matters is how right-wing corporate media fraudulently hoists into power the likes of Walker, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and the rest of the republican clown-car that made up GOP's 2012 presidential primary whirl-wind tour.

No one should be surprised -- but today, Scott Walker is telling whoppers that put those itty-bitty sandwiches at Burger King to shame -- and the media is dutifully catapulting these lies across Wisconsin and the nation.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Journal Communications' Dan Bice: Petition Signers Shut the F*ck Up!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's
"not-a-watchdog" shill is telling
Scott Walker recall petition signers
to shut the f*ck up!
It is disappointing to hear folks that should know better proclaim that Journal Communication's not-a-watchdog reporter, Dan Bice, is a legitimate journalist.  He is no such thing -- in fact -- he's one of the biggest lying liars in the Journal Communication's propaganda machine.

Not all disinformation is "the big lie".  Good propaganda has an element of truth.  Dan Bice is a master of the lie of objective journalism.  His role, in Journal Communications disinformation empire, is to twist the truth and mislead in ways that are more subtle and targeted to different audiences than the bold-face liars on WTMJ-AM, also a cog in the Journal Communications' mighty propaganda machine.

But make no mistake about it -- Dan Bice catapults propaganda with the very best of them and deserves no accolades just because occasionally, and increasingly almost never, he covers an "inconvenient" story that the rest of Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber will not report at all.

Today, Bice is telling shameless lies and slandering an honest reporter for telling facts he cannot refute.

Monday, January 6, 2014

More Walker Fail: Austerity Policies Lead to Layoffs

The billionaires I work for don't need no stinkin' workers
or consumers in Wisconsin.  Once we destroy the in-state
economy, I'm outta-here -- there are bigger and better
things for me to trash across America.
Gov. Scott Walker's economic policies have nothing to do with the citizens he assumed office to "divide and conquer". Scott Walker works for out-of-state multinational corporate interest, not his in-state teabaggin' base and certainly not working Wisconsinites.

Want to know how bad its getting? Sears Holdings Corp., the parent company of Kmart, announced they will close three more of the few remaining Kmarts in Wisconsin.  This will eliminating more than 300 jobs. When discount retailers can't keep their doors open, there is a problem in the economy.

Even though Kmart has had profitability, bankruptcy, and restructuring problems for years; this latest round of closures reflects the fact that, under Scott Walker, unemployment rates are up across the state.  Wisconsin's new unemployment claims are the highest in the nation, dwarfing every other state's numbers.  The Badger State economy is in the toilet.

The multinational out-of-state billionaires Scott Walker works for do not need Badger State citizens as workers, nor do they need us as consumers.  Increasingly, we are irrelevant to the business interests Scott Walker represents -- this is why he not only has no plans to fix the economic train-wreck his signature policies have created, he intents to bluff his way through them, lying his way onto the national stage.

As usual, Wisconsin's dysfunctional right-wing media echo chamber continues to be more than happy to support destruction of the economic foundation that a thriving business climate is based-on:  Working citizens with living wages and an equitable tax structure.  But it's not just Kmart ditchin' the Badger State.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Walker Getting Thumped: Don't Expect the Media to Tell You

Maybe if I screw up Wisconsin bad enough, the
media will fraudulently hoist me up into the
White House -- call it cheesehead de-evolution!
We know that Gov. Scott Walker is positioning himself for a run at the White House in 2016.  His ghost-written not-a-tell-all book was the strongest indication last year.  Today, Walker's book of lies ranks #6,546 in sales at Amazon Books and sales will continue to free-fall.

Walker also hedges and will not commit to finishing a second-term.  Jack Craver, who is not a legitimate reporter and writes fiction for Lee Enterprises' sham "progressive" Cap Times, claims that Walker's pardon policy tips his hands -- he's running.  Craver, as usual, is misleading and redirecting your attention from the real story.  Pay no attention from those that whine behind the Lee Enterprises curtain.

The real story that the media is lying to you about is this:  Their "rock star", Scott Walker, is getting absolutely crushed in polls for the critical initial round of republican primaries.  The clown-car is gettin' ready for another laughing-stock tour and it looks like poor Scott Walker is going to be left behind.

What will this do to his critical 2014 reelection bid?  What will Wisconsin voters think if the nation, starting with our neighbors in Iowa, overwhelmingly reject Scott Walker in the early polls?

This should be the real story about Walker's White House ambitions -- not the "will he or won't he" narrative  -- but don't expect Wisconsin's dysfunctional media to tell you the truth.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shameless Paul Ryan Lyin' About the Pope

Paul Ryan worships the woman that inspired the
Bible of Satan
, Ayn Rand.  Why does the media
continue to catapult the propaganda that he is
qualified to speak for the Catholic Church and
lecture the Pope on the Words of Jesus?
There was a time when self-proclaimed Christian and Catholic media superstar Paul Ryan would merely "respectfully disagree" with the Christian Bible and The Lord's Only Begotten Son and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Now he's disrespecting the Pope.

Today, 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits thanks to Rep. Paul Ryan.  The most vulnerable Americans, those looking for honest work, are being held hostage even though the public has overwhelmingly rejected not only Paul Ryan, they have rejected his Ayn Randian policies of austerity for the masses and tax-cuts & public subsidies for the ultra wealthy.

Paul Ryan has been fraudulently hoisted up by the right-wing media echo chamber as a "policy wonk", "numbers guy" and now a theological expert that is above the leadership of his Catholic Church.  It takes brash propaganda to catapult a politician that disrespects his own religion and worships one of the most anti-religious and divisive personalities of the previous century, Ayn Rand, the philosopher that inspired Anton LaVey to found the Church of Satan.

Ms. Rand is the "the mother of American Satanism" and Paul Ryan is one of her loyal followers.  Why does he feels qualified to lecture the Pope?  Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand fanatic, not a true Christian.  Why does the media catapult the propaganda that Paul Ryan has any integrity to speak for Christ?

Friday, December 27, 2013

PolitiFact Telling More Pants-On-Fire Lies: Today's Walk-O-Meter

First, Journal Communications catapults lies.
Then Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tells even
bigger lies.  And then PolitiFacts uses
misleading and dishonest graphics.
If Scott Walker wasn't hurting so many people in Wisconsin with his "divide and conquer" for multinational corporate interests, one might almost feel bad for the poor fools at Journal Communications, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and their sham PolitiFact stooges.

After all -- it cannot be easy to prop-up a failure like Scott Walker each day, catapulting propaganda to falsely hoist Walker onto the national stage as the "ideal" GOP presidential candidate for 2016.  The paid disinformation artists that lead Wisconsin's mighty Wurlitzer consistently prove they are up to the task.

So today, when jsonline posted PolitiFact's "update" on its rating (Warning:  Shameless propaganda) for Walker's 2010 signature campaign promise to create 250,000 new jobs in the Badger State, we knew we were clicking through to a snake-pit of deceit.  The intellectual dishonesty, brazen hypocrisy, and shameless lies there are astounding, even by Journal Communication's low, low standards.

Walker's Real Record: Massive New Unemployment Claims & Rising Rates

"The economy may suck for you peons,
I still have my job and the media
machine is gonna make
Expect the pro-Scott Walker media echo-chamber that dominates Wisconsin's noooze to minimize and obfuscate -- but our Governor continues to miserably fail on his pledge to grow the Wisconsin economy and add 250,000 new jobs.  Scott Walker's Department of Workforce Development reported yesterday that unemployment rates increased in most Wisconsin counties and in 14 of the largest cities in November.

Rates increased in 53 of 72 counties between October and November. Unemployment also went up in 14 of the 32 largest cities.  Racine has the highest unemployment rate at 11.2 percent, followed by Milwaukee and Beloit both at 9.4 percent.

This comes on the heels of data released 2 weeks ago from the U.S. Department of Labor that found 4,420 people in Wisconsin filed initial unemployment claims during the last week of November -- more claims than the next two highest states combined: Ohio with 2,597 and Kentucky with 1,538.
The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending November 30 were in Wisconsin ( 4,420), Ohio ( 2,597), Kentucky ( 1,538), Massachusetts ( 1,129), and New Jersey ( 1,124), while the largest decreases were in California (-19,920), Texas (-7,284), Florida (-5,400), Pennsylvania (-5,145), and Nevada (-3,295).
Walker and his media minions cannot tell the truth about the "achievements" of the "divide and conquer" government they have created.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Milwaukee Journel Sentinel Typo or Freudian Slip?

Given that no one has done more to dishonestly prop-up Gov. Scott Walker than Journal Communications, regularly publishing and echoing pro-Walker propaganda, it is hard to know whether an error in today's attempt to slander ongoing criminal investigations into Scott Walker's ascent to power is just a typo or if Journal Communication's has tipped their hand with a major Freudian slip.

We'll show a screen capture after the jump.

Media Propaganda, Truth is that Walker Seeks Massive Tax Increases

We know why Scott Walker lies -- he's runnin' fer president dontcha
know.  But why does Wisconsin's media uncritically  and
endlessly catapult his lies across the state ?
Wisconsin has become an "opposite land".  Do you want to know the truth about what Gov. Scott Walker and his republican cohorts are up to?

Just assume it's exactly the opposite of what you read in the nooozepaper, hear on the radio, or see on TV.  Wisconsin is blanketed by a dysfunctional media echo-chamber that screeches dishonest talking points across the Badger State.  It is led by Journal Communications, Lee Enterprises, Clear Channel, and Gannet.

Some days it appears that each tries to out-do the others with brazen shameless lies, which results in the rest of the echo-chamber repeating and amplifying each falsehood, then carrying the disinformation to broader markets across the state.  A most outrageous example currently being bleated across the state is that Walker is going to cut taxes and may even eliminate the state income tax for individuals and corporations.

Hold onto your wallet -- Scott Walker isn't going to save you a dime and his plans will likely cost you a fortune.